June 13, 2008

Kuato in the political context.

I had to break this one out into a separate post:


Too many jims said...

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if this thread quickly devolves into the usual back and forth discussing whether it is right, good, fair or practical to talk about McCain as running for Bush's third term and whether it is fair or good politics to point out that McCain said that he is fine if U.S. troops are in Iraq for 100 years.

What interests me about the youtube clip (based on my recollection of the Total Recall film and admitting in advance that I am thinking too much about this "joke" analogy) is that Kuato was the good guy. This would be like someone trying to convince you that McCain is bad and portraying Bush as Obi Won Kanobi and McCain as Luke Skywalker.

Further (and again admitting that I am over thinking this), if McCain is Kuato, then he is not running for Bush's third term. Rather, he has been controlling things from the beginning and Bush has been merely the host.

Chip Ahoy said...

Very funny. Watched an entire two seconds. Deduced the rest. Pardon me, forgot to laugh, here, hang on.

Har de har har x .25

Liberals prove such creative, lovely people. A bit thin-skinned too so don't dare try anything close to the converse, Racist! If a voter genuinely sees no difference between McCain and Bush then they're too idiotic and malinformed (<--Chip mintage) to hold a reasonable discussion.

To be fair, I'd watch a full two seconds of a video implying or outright stating that Barack Obama would be another four years of Jimmy Carter. Why only four? Because the error that was Carter was checked at four.

As an observer by nature, with no strong feelings either way, and without a candidate to represent me, it wouldn't bother me atoll to see Democrats control legislative and executive branches. They are, after all, fine, dear, and warm people all, when they have their way and each has their own lollypop. It would suit me just fine to watch all the squirming to blame a minority for the muck made of government. I enjoy saying to people when the subject come up, "This is what you *pokes chest* wanted." The political pendulum swings a predictable arc in this country due to the nature of an intractable fixed two-party system and an impatient flexible population.

Digression alert. I had a strange dream last night. My mates were making a fuss at the pizza counter, bobbing up and down, confusing things. Everybody wanted their own ingredients. I told them to sit down, I'd take care of the order. Right off, the order came to $400.00, since pizzas were on sale, 2 for 1 or something, that meant we'd have an excess of pizza, but I didn't change the order. I told the pizza guy, "I have enough cash, but I'd prefer to retain it, is it all right to put this on a card? " Then showed him I wasn't a slouch by fanning the bills in my opened wallet. I returned to the table and said, "Brace yourselves for a pile of boxes. You did each want your own ingredients and the terms are clearly stated."

Chip Ahoy said...

A spelled "Z" in ASL is an extended finger whipping the shape of the letter. For speed in spelling, a double Z can be formed by using two fingers which has no standing in proper ASL. So the word pizza with the letters z spelled efficiently once with two fingers instead of twice with one finger never fails to amuse. There are lots of other double z words too, they seem to appear in pairs as often as not.

That is all.