June 28, 2008

Kabbalah blahs.

Was it really religion that drove a wedge between Guy Ritchie and Madonna?


Simon said...

It has to be kept in mind that the Sun generally has a level of credibiliy on a par with the National Inquirer, and its gossip page particularly is moe akin to the World Weekly News.

TMink said...

What, he did not worship at the shrine of her ego?


Bissage said...

Madonna's getting divorced?

Well, that pretty much explains why I've been getting all these late-night phone calls where they hang up as soon as I say hello.

Bissage said...

Kabbalah blahs.

You know, if Madonna’s looking for a divorce lawyer, she should talk to this fine lawyer.

Maybe she could visit his side project: The Bob Loblaw Law Blog.

Bissage said...

Sheesh! I can’t believe I just spent 25 minutes trying to find a picture of Lindsay taking out Bob Loblaw’s trash cans wearing a french maid outfit and high heels!

But, COME ON!!! Wouldn’t that have been the perfect finish for this great starter? LINK.


blake said...

It wasn't the Kabbalah per se, it was taking up all the space in their garage with golems.

Methadras said...

Man... I just come back to the Internet and Madge is going splitsville. Carlin dies and now this. We are doomed. Oh well, maybe me and DTL can drown our sorrows together at this great disunion.