June 15, 2008

"I can see why you married her," said George Bush to Nicolas Sarkozy.

Is it okay for him to say that?


Kev said...

(the other kev)

According to the article, Bush was complimenting Bruni on her brains.

Now, if the last guy who had been in White House had said the same thing . . .

Bob said...

Ann Althouse: Is it okay for him to say that?

What are they going to do? Impeach him?

Meade said...

Of course it's okay. As okay as someone saying to you of your former husband: "He's a smart interesting guy, full of wisdom. Plus he's not bad looking -- the two of you probably produced handsome sons. I can see why you married him." Is that offensive?

rhhardin said...

He means she's good looking and not obviously a shrew.

Meade said...

What would not be okay is what I've had to bite my tongue from asking both my brother and my sister on various occasions: This is who you married? Why?

Daryl said...

It's okay, because Hillary Clinton can't be the Dem nominee. If she was the nominee, Bush would be attacked for taking a subtle dig at her face/age/lack of femininity.

Since Obama is the nominee, people should realize it's a very ordinary compliment.

blogging cockroach said...

you know mom here at the house where i live
is french and smart and capable
and according to dad pretty hot too
she is also a sloppy cook which is where i come in

but being french with the usual attitude
she really hates zat fasceest sarko
almost as much as she hates ce cochon boosh
she loves obama mostly because he's cute
being french she reads le monde and thinks
obama is a lightweight
but tres cher

anyway i found her watching obama on tv the other day
she thought she was alone but of course nobody notices little me
which is exactly the way i like it especially in the kitchen
as i was saying she was sitting on the couch
watching obama on tv with her right hand
down her pants idly pleasuring herself

i tell you it's all over with pepere mccain
once you get hotness mixed with politics
look at bill clinton, who has ceased to be hot
but you may remember his former sex appeal

even dad here at the house who is the usual cambridge democrat
says he would vote for condeleeza rice
he maintains it's because she is so smart and accomplished
and wouldn't make the same mistakes boosh has
of course he would say that
but between you and me it's really because of general hotness
and that tight leather outfit ooh
not to mention the nickel you could bounce off her ass

oh for the days of lumpy old men in suits who ran things
when you didn't have people masturbating about
the secretary of state
or the cute young democrat guy for president
not to mention the current prez drooling
over euro political wives who used to be invisible
and at least as long suffering as hillary

Bissage said...
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Jake said...

If not, it's mostly because he used that unfortunate Americanism that makes the verb "see" interchangeable for "understand". Although I'm probably one of the few who don't think Bush is inherently evil, it would be nice to have a president who took more care with his words.

XWL said...

If he was at that moment looking at this picture from the April '08 GQ, then not OK, otherwise, no problem.

And her latest album is easily the best album ever recorded by the spouse of a sitting head of state of a G8 country.

(beats that album Eleanor Roosevelt cut back during WWII by a mile . . .)

Also it would have been inappropriate if Pres. Bush turned out to have been the high bidder for that recently auctioned photo of her (image at link artistically NSFW, but perfectly safe for the Telegraph)

blogging cockroach said...

oo la la
that's a far cry from madame mitterand
now if condi rice would only do some similar photos
dad would be in heaven
mom being less visually oriented
is content if obama continues to whisper sweet nothings
in our ears

Methadras said...

Wait a minute. Is the nitpicking really starting to begin now?

John Stodder said...

At least he didn't say, "Are your wife hot?"

former law student said...

Sure, unless he was staring at her bodacious ta-tas.

Freeman Hunt said...

Is it okay for him to say that?

Sure, why not?

The times I've heard men say something like that, they've been talking about the woman's mind. No one says, "I can see why you married her" on the basis of looks; in a purely looks context, they only say some version of "I can see why you slept with her."

chuckR said...

I liked President Reagan's comment much better. As related by Brian Mulroney at Reagan's funeral

When their car drove in a moment later, out stepped Nancy and Mila [Mulroney]--looking like a million bucks. As they headed towards us, President Reagan beamed, threw his arm around my shoulder and said with a grin: "You know, Brian, for two Irishmen we sure married up."

At the extreme other end of the scale we have President Clinton's comment about a female Peruvian mummy..... Boy, he sure could pick'em.

Tagore said...

Yes, she's hot and you know people are thinking it. So why not say it? I'm not a huge GWB fan, but this is absolutely his best side. It would be even better if he were like "Hmm.. I'd knock the bottom of that." But I guess a President can't be that straightforward.