June 8, 2008

"Get your ya-yas out."

Says Barack Obama:

"That's an old 60s expression."

Yeah, it is:

ADDED: You can debate about what ya-yas are. (Everyone who's read the David Sedaris book "Naked" should know Greeks use it to refer to grandma.) But in rock and roll history, there's something that pre-dates the Rolling Stones album. It's Lee Dorsey's song "Ya Ya" ("Oh, well, I'm sitting here la la, waiting for my ya ya"). I think it's just pure serendipity that Lee Dorsey also has this — a song called "Yes We Can," with surprisingly Obama-appropriate lyrics.

IN THE COMMENTS: Kirk Parker asks:
Do we also get to Kick Out The Jams?
If you do, please do it this way — not this way. And it's NSFW to do it this way or this way.


Trooper York said...

Will he have bumper stickers with a big tongue on it?

Cause that's more appropriate for Bill Clinton.

Trooper York said...
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Meade said...

"Cause that's more appropriate for Bill Clinton."

According to the CDC, odds are Bill Clinton has human papillomavirus, is asymptomatic, and has been infecting young White House aides and others for decades. Washington DC is safer without him in it.

John Burgess said...

Didn't the YaYa Sisterhood predate the 60s?

somefeller said...
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somefeller said...

Oh what a great live album that was. The live version of Street Fighting Man on that record sounded more like a punk-rock version of the song from a great late-70s punk band than the original song.

The Mick Taylor period of the Rolling Stones was the high point of their history, in my humble opinion. Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main Street both came out when I was a toddler so I obviously didn't discover them until long after they came out originally, but they are among my all-time favorite records.

George said...

Translation: Get your asses to work.

"If you guys are willing to pick me up and lift me across the finish line..."

Kind of a downer expression.

He's fond of the word "collective."

"If you feel burnt out, let us know, and we'll understand. I feel ya."

Interesting how he picks out Darfur and global warming as issues to motivate his team.

OldGrouchy said...

Ok, now save the world? How? Why, from what? Boy is he ever fired up in front of that hostile crowd!

On the other hand, this video shows how formidable he is as a speaker; ah um, hum!

BTW: Trooper York. Unfair to not show what your second comment was going to discuss! Curses, we're foiled once again! First one was a gem!

1jpb said...

I saw this tape on DKos. And, I had three impressions.

1) BHO would make a good boss. You CEO wan-a-bes should take note (literally; look at the trajectory of the comments, look at how BHO relates to these folks, look at how BHO describes/presents himself, and look at the mix of content), this is what you do. You don't bust balls, and you don't go negative and nasty. Researching the managers of long term highly successful companies proves this--if there are any doubters. From the outside, I long ago commented that BHO had the characteristics of a good leader, now I've seen my assumptions proved true (and using this video for wider dissemination puts BHO in a level that even I hadn't recognized.)

2) I could not figure out what ya-yas were.

3) BHO didn't do a stump speech laundry list. I was surprised that he (with the cameras rolling) avoided the cynical route where he would run through all of the hot button general population priorities, e.g. health care, middle class tax cut, and war. Rather, he went the authentic route by reciting the parts of his platform that are likely priorities for some of those folks, though he was wise to still include an all encompassing economy reference.

It boggles the mind to imagine McCain in a similar situation. Yikes! I'm sure there would be a lot of "friends" references. And, maybe a stray "trollop" (or worse) accusation or maybe he gets self-righteous about the bad folks who don't see his infallibility about everything or maybe he rolls out his classic drunken sailor joke (still not expired until repeated a million times.) He certainly doesn't guide his campaign with core principles. Those were tossed overboard to make room for previously unconscionable, budget busting, future generation cheating tax breaks for the richest. And, straight talk was evicted to provided first class accommodations for agents who were previously described as intolerant.

former law student said...
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former law student said...

"Yia-Yia" is Greek for Grandma, btw.

Hey Sister, Go Sister, Soul Sister, Go Sister
Hey Sister, Go Sister, Soul Sister, Go Sister
He met Marmalade down in Old New Orleans
Struttin' her stuff on the street
She said 'Hello,
hey Joe, you wanna give it a go?
'Mmm Hmmm Gitcha Gitcha Ya-Ya Da Da
Gitcha Gitcha Ya-Yas Here
Mocha chocolata Ya-Ya
Creole Lady Marmalade

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?
Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?

former law student said...

He's fond of the word "collective."

Althouse commenter-preferred revision of JFK's inaugural address:

Ask not what you can do for your country.
Ask what your country can do for you.

1jpb said...

Adding to f.l.s:

Can you imagine a manager stressing that the team members should be self centered, and screw the team?

Or, are we to believe that team work is the gateway to Marxism. This explains two things 1) Tom Delay's current view of Marxism, 2) Why Tom Delay couldn't last for the long run. If corporations believed this team=Marxist BS our economy would be in the stone ages.

I can only assume that those types of comments are just unconsidered instinctive anti-BHO blather. One thing's for sure, they sure are foolish comments.

Dr. said...

You can hear a sample of Blind Boy Fuller's "Get Your Yas Yas Out" here:


rhhardin said...

He didn't ask if anybody knew anything about economics.

Rick Lee said...

Translation: Get your asses to work.
I disagree. What he was saying was something like "Do what you have to do to go have some fun and blow off steam, but come back ready to work".

rhhardin said...

PJ O'Rourke via Maggie's Farm
Think what evil creeps liberals would be if their plans to enfeeble the individual, exhaust the economy, impede the rule of law, and cripple national defense were guided by a coherent ideology instead of smug ignorance.

1jpb said...


You have bigger things to worry about than your paranoia that liberals are out to get you.

Your movement is driven by Rush, Rove, BillO, Hannity, Hewitt, Kristol, and a bunch of other hacks (e.g. today lgf was obsessed with postings on the open to the public BHO website.) Most of these wingnuts are paid entertainers. They lie and manipulate to build their audiences. Worse than the entertainers are the politicians who are in the business of getting elected rather than governing (e.g. Rove looking for political points because of Katrina, rather than looking to help folks, or using manipulated terrorism threats to scare Americans, or using the Justice Department to prosecute the opposition--Siegelman.) They're not interested in what works (otherwise they wouldn't blindly push the failed economic/health care/nation-building strategy of Bush, which have been adopted by McCain.)

Y'all should vote for BHO, and Ds all the way down the federal office ticket. Then, you can get back to caring about government failures. You'll feel better, because you won't need to neglect the corruption and ineptitude of a Republican administration. And, America will be better with the GOP switching from excuse maker to unhindered opposition. We'll also be better because the executive will focus on governing, rather than looking for ways to not govern (neglect: competent management, overly influential lobbyists and special interests, budget balance, never ending nation building, middle class stagnation, oppressive health care cost increases, inadequate world competitive education system.)

And, I love listening to wingnuts explain away these failings by accusing the opposition of over hyping the problems. That sure does explain how we ended up off the rails. This also explains why a smart guy like Sununu can't identify a philosophy--sticking one's head in the ground, satisfying special interests, and using war to preemptively proselytize rogue governments (to democracy) while waiting for freedom (and benevolent deregulated corporations) to make everything better doesn't sound like much of a philosophy, even if this is the wingnut governance strategy.

Wingnuts should stick to the cultural issues and being a critical opposition. Eventually they'll see beyond Rush, Rove, and friends. Then they'll stop yammering about the Founders as a justification for inaction, and they can follow the Founders by being bold, creative, practical, and effective. That's how you develop a philosophy.

PatCA said...

That was kind of boring.

It's like he's doing a parody of himself and his subdued style, like he just wanted to run in some theoretical PC sense, and now he's got it.

Ron said...

Knowing the BHO crowd, they'd prefer "Waitin' for my man," from The Velvet Underground, to the Stones...

OldGrouchy said...

1jpb: Well, that was enlightened wasn't it. Do you do that screed often? Or, do you do it only when you wish to rant? Oh well! Regardless, in the spirit of brotherhood (Can't we all just get along?) and enlightenment myself, please accept this kind admonishment: STFU!


1jpb said...


Screeds are my thing. I've already been banned from myDD and talkleft for pro-BHO screeds.

STFU requests don't work, I'm either full on blathering or I'm banned (and I don't get the impression that Ann bans folks: at least that's what she said in her bloggingheads with Jeralyn, of course she may make an exception for my obnoxiousness, time will tell.)

OldGrouchy said...

1jpb: Ok, then screed on! Do accept that I'll personally and mentally flip your screeds, which seem most ridiculous and simplistic to me, into the mental bit bucket!

But, screed to your little hearts content; 1st Amendment and all that dear chappy; you're not in Canada good sir, nor in the EU yet!

Chip Ahoy said...

You haters are impossible to read. Therefore, once I ID you, I skip over your ridiculous nonsensical posts intended solely to provoke, and go off to temper some chocolate. This clears the mind and endears me to my neighbors who break into broad smiles when they meet me in the hallway, and yell up to me on the balcony when they spot me from the parking lot, "Yo Chip! Hey, I'm down here. Thank you for the chocolate!"

You have to be reminded, the post is about "Get your ya-yas out," and not about your hatred for the other which is all your brains seem able to process. That's why you must piss off. I already have.

Sir Archy said...

To Professor Althouse.


As your old Correspondent, the Ghost of a Gentleman dead these 250 Years and more, having a little Time upon my Hands, I could not think of bestowing it better than writing an Epistle to this, your Theatre of Topicks (as I call it). which I now do, and am,


Your humble & obt. Servant,

Sir Archy.

N.B.— Pray, forgive me for not having anything to say upon any Subject; the Summer's Heat hath render'd even my ghostly Brain unfit for profitable Use.  Would that others of your Audience shew'd similar Restraint.

Kirk Parker said...

Do we also get to Kick Out The Jams?

1jpb said...

I strongly encourage the mostest smartest of y'all to follow the lead of Chip Ahoy.

As soon as you see the 1jpb, immediately shun your eyes and scroll (probably far) down to the next comment. Exposure to my drivel can only sully your superior brilliance, which I, being unable to grasp the greatness of your commentary, had foolishly missed until you showed mercy by kindly informing me of your superiority.

Steven said...

Hmm. So, what is Obama planning to do about Darfur?

I mean, the United Nations isn't going to do anything; China has a veto, and China has a direct interest (Sudanese oil) in blocking UN action. Sanctions? China has no interest in joining them, so there's no way of making them effective. Ending arms sales to Sudan? Russia and China are the suppliers of weapons to Sudan; what are we going to offer them to get them to stop?

We can arm the hell out of the Darfuris, we can make war on Sudan ourselves, or both. Obama has never proposed doing either. Which is to say, Obama's concern for Darfur is entirely and exclsively rhetorical.

Pogo said...

Geez. I thought 'get your ya-yas out' was referring to breasts.

Or was that ta-tas?
Because a wah-wah is something for the electric guitar. Ha ha is something you say to your little briother when you got the bigger piece of cake. Ca-ca is poo poo. Da da is a silly form of 'art'. La la is a lazy lyric. Papa is dad. Na-nah was said several times prior to saying hey hey hey, goodbye.

And Mama? Well, don't be talking 'bout my mama.

Roger J. said...

The list seems to have acquired a new Obama-bot!

Not meant to be a thread hi-jack, but I would like it noted that the greatest horse there ever was won the triple crown 35 years ago today: that would be Secretariat

Ann Althouse said...

"The list seems to have acquired a new Obama-bot!"

He needs to talk about something -- not just keep announcing himself. Say something interesting. Don't tell us what kind of commenter you are. Just do it. Make us care what you have to say. You can take any side you want, but be interesting.

1jpb said...

Less announcing of myself?

Presumably, zero response from me would be the only true indication, via inaction, that the advice was accep.........

Trooper York said...

You should come up with a cool nickname if you want to stand out as a character on Althouse. You know like Sir Archy or the Blogging Cockroach. But be careful what you pick. Poor Summer Anne picked a nickname that’s way to close to Freder’s. We call him Summer’s Eve. But that’s just because he’s a douche.

Jazz Bass said...

not this way? you're nuts, lady.

that truncated clip from the beat club show is about as good as it gets, except for the show at tartar field at wayne state university.

get thee to the documentary, ophelias. their politics may have been screwed up, but they never failed to rock and roll the right way.

Ron said...

Rob Tyner's fro on that second clip is, like, beyond awesome! It's like topiary split ends, baby!!!

Jazz Bass said...

couldn't find it on youtube but i found it on myspace, so here it is, live at wayne state university.


fwiw, both beat club and wayne state versions put the LP's version to bed and tuck the covers up to it's neck.

rama lama fa fa fa, babies.