June 13, 2008




Mrs. Xaviera Hollander said...

I am a practicing asexual.

I was neither abused nor am I gay or naive. Nor am I a teenager. I am a young asexual woman who has chosen celibacy. And there's a whole community of us-not just women, but surprise surprise men as well. If interested google AVEN.

Meade said...

You say you are practicing. You mean, like, for a school play or something?

Garlic reproduces asexually. There's some there in Althouse's garden photo. Maybe, Mrs. Hollander (as if your name really were Mrs. Hollander), you and your community of young asexual men and women could designate garlic as your official emblem.

Careful though: garlic is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Peter Hoh said...

Looks like someone has a problem with rabbits.

Anonymous said...

Heavens to Mergatroid! That's a nice garden.

vbspurs said...

I hereby name it the Mergatroyd garden. God bless her, and all who smell her.

P.S.: Is that a bulb inside a Rube Goldberg contraption? What is that?


Ann Althouse said...

That's a gazing globe set inside a wicker pyramid trellis.

This place is Olbrich Garden in Madison — which is quite large, incredibly well-kept, and full of different details. Free admission.

Bissage said...

It’s usually best not to develop too special a relationship with one’s gazing globe.

Ann Althouse said...

I need to go back over there and rephotograph the globe with the fisheye lens (for a double fisheye effect).

Anonymous said...

I guess it's only in a very thin slice of New England that those garden globes are called mergatroids. Google has no juice for that use of the term.

Of course, a typical New England mergatroid wouldn't look like this; it would be atop a concrete Doric column in the middle of an otherwise featureless lawn.