June 2, 2008

Cass Sunstein and Eugene Volokh on Bloggingheads.

Looks like a good one.


UWS guy said...


UWS guy said...

Those guys talk slow even at 1.4x speed (Kaus is right...everything is better at 1.4x)

I think Ann likes the diavlog because it paints her in the nice light of having libs and conservatives in her comment section.

come for the photos! stay for the lively discussion!

Ann Althouse said...

Haven't listened to it yet.

UWS guy said...

Then I change it all to the future tense.

bearbee said...

For the greater portion of my life information was derived primarily from newspapers and network tv.

Once I began reading political blogs, I can say I felt a deep anger at not having had alternative views and opinion, rather having selected facts and particular slants imposed.

I get most of my business and political news from the Internet. It gives point-of-view nuance and clarity that I never discerned from the MSM, PBS being the exception,

The Internet with its smorgasbord of choice is beautifully liberating.

NO to the so called Fairness Doctrine.