June 17, 2008




Hoosier Daddy said...


True to form

AllenS said...

"If you care about food safety, if you like a T on your BLT, you know that elections matter."

Well, that about says it all right there. The wait for the endorement was worth it.

Original Mike said...

Exactly what Gore was waiting for in the past two weeks since Obama sewed up his party's nomination is unclear.

I think he was waiting until he had the stage to himself. What an ego.

Jeremy said...

Maybe he was waiting for the much anticipated opening of The Happening to make the Tomato Arguement.

See. Even Mother Nature is for Obama.

Joe said...

They truly funny part is on Gore's endorsement page on his web site, he has a donation graphic that shows... AL GORE!

AllenS said...


How do you think the bacon and lettuce communities feel? We live in a diverse nation. Gore is a bigot.

Moose said...

Isn't being Gore synomonous with being boring?

Or is it synomonous with being self serving - I can't remember now.


Palladian said...

Boring and sanctimonious and smug are a very bad combination.

Chip Ahoy said...

*dogpiles Harold Stassen*

Come now. I for one, can at last breathe, (bin holding it this whole time) McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, McCain, Obama, what would it be? And what would be his line of reasoning? Well, now I know at last! <--- adoption of bullets in previous thread.

*does the Happy Gore dance*


What a country. Such profound far-sighted statecraft!

*sleeps contentedly*

Chip Ahoy said...
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Chip Ahoy said...

I do care about food safety.

*sprinkles salt on raw tomato*

Meung, mong mong mung mong

It's very important to me.



Meung, mong mong mung mong

That's why I adhere to advice given Mum whilst stationed overseas. Allow all fresh fruit and vegetables to bob a bit in a tub of water with a teaspoon of Bleach. Does in harmful pathogens resulting from unacceptable field fertilization.

bearbee said...

He could've reelly gone out on a limb and endorsed, oh I don't know.....Adlai Stevenson.

blake said...

Estes Kefauver!

blake said...

Actually, in all seriousness, does he care any more?

Maybe he waited until now because he didn't think it was important.

Tagore said...

AllenS: "If you care about food safety, if you like a T on your BLT, you know that elections matter."

Since this comes from the man who took the initiative in creating the tomato I think we should take this seriously. Vote Obama, unless you want to buy pure poison at your local grocery from here on in.