June 22, 2008


John McCain on "Saturday Night Live" in 2002.


matthew said...

McCain was funnier on SNL this year than Obama and Clinton combined times 3.

This one, well, this just kinda creeps me out.

peter hoh said...

I remember that skit. The whole thing was set up as a Lifetime made-for-TV movie about a stalker, with the husband cast as the stalker, with no suggestion that he was really a stalker, other than his being male.

Johnny B. Goode said...

What is so bizarre about a creep playing a creep?

Kirby Olson said...

Clearly enjoying himself.

John Stodder said...

I gather it was Chris Matthews who found this. I gather there is supposed to be an equivalency made here between McCain playing a creepy guy and Al Franken's various writings that have gotten him in trouble.

Nice, Chris. Yeah, you're the new Russert. Exactly.

Padre Steve said...

Yes, that was pretty creepy. However, Chris Matthews is creepy every night he is on tv!

blake said...

Anyone have the whole thing?

Looked kinda funny.

McCain shouldn't grow a Van Dyke.

BJK said...

IIRC, McCain wasn't playing a stalker, but the Lifetime Movie version of a Husband who kept invading his wife's personal space. The "real life" author of the story was on a fictional talk show (in the SNL sketch) setting up the clip from the movie.

In other words, it was an SNL sketch where they showed a clip from a fake movie during a fake TV show.
(Thank God the script didn't have him calling his wife a Trollop...)

Now someone needs to find a clip of "McCain sings Streisand" from the same episode when he hosted SNL back in '02.