June 12, 2008

Beautiful decline.



MadisonMan said...

What chance does a peony in full blossom stand against torrential rain?

matthew said...

The comments on these flower pictures, they're just so peaceful compared to the bickering in the one below it.

I think you only get that kind of stuff with this blog.

Cedarford said...

The picture is nice, but the caption is superb.

The Japanese make an art out of "beautiful decine", celebrating the flourishing then the whole decline process of crysanthimum & cherry blossoms, a geisha's beauty, the path of a leaf from life to each then being discarded then transforming from colors to dust in forest soil or muck in a river.

Poetry. Paintings.

Our dog is now in beautiful decline. He could tow us on cross country skis miles of we were patient and let him piss on any tree or rock along the way. Now arthritis in both shoulders disables him save for magical days when it goes away, less and less frequently.

And I know that my wife should be in beautiful decline in my eyes, and I in hers, but we refuse to logically entertain the notion, though the "blessed progeny" are a little more heartless.

Bissage said...

(1) Another photographic triumph!

(2) For some reason, those hostas catching the peony flowers made me think of this statue. It’s in the main concourse of 30th Street Station in Philadelphia and it’s an angel carrying a fallen soldier to heaven. Here’s a close-up.

(3) MM, dis bud’s for you.

(4) C4, has your vet suggested glucosamine?

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Peony paean.