June 10, 2008

The 14 millionth visitor.

Who was it? Such vague information. No city, no state. Just Blackberry... like the name of a place on a law school exam.

Or is it somewhere near Witchita, Kansas?

Ah, well, thanks to everyone who is reading. Do you have any idea how much it means to me?


Glenn said...

"Do you have any idea how much it means to me?"


Alan said...

Is it a monetary or sentimental meaning? Would you eat another egg salad sandwich for another visit? Or would someone have to pay?

Ann Althouse said...

Alan, neither. Obviously.

Ron said...

Ah, Christ, doc, we love you too!

Chip Ahoy said...

Does it mean this much?

from here|<--to-->|here x ∞ ?

AJ Lynch said...

How does 14 million (over 3-4 years of course) compare to a small-market newspaper? Any idea? I bet you beat, on a per month visitor basis, some of those declining Madison newspapers.

OldGrouchy said...

So, let's talk about us, your adoring fan base, now. What now, do you take us all out to lunch, so to speak, or are the dividend checks in the mail?

Personally, congratulations on this milestone. Your blog has an interesting set of long term commenters, of which I'm a "new kid," and your style seems to work well. I don't understand how you and Glenn Reynolds are able to handle your other activities so well and keep on top of other web happenings too.

Thanks for everything!

reader_iam said...

No, not really. But that's how it works; it's the natural progression of things.

In short: So it goes.

Sid said...

I appreciate your willingness to share your insight. Thank you for your continued efforts to improve on our conversation.

Assumpsit said...

Do you have any idea how much it means to me?

About $50,000 a year. Is that close?

Richard Fagin said...

"Ah, well, thanks to everyone who is reading."

No. Thank you.

Christy said...


How does Sitemeter deal with RSS feeds? I couldn't quite figure it out. I generally come over here to read the posts because I like reading the comments, but not always.

dmfoiemjsof said...

No, how much does it mean? I'm sure there are intangible benefits, but focusing on the baser things, does anyone know how much cold hard cash is Althouse is raking in with this blog thing?

Can we estimate? Here are some sources of revenue, there may be others too...

--I see that the total collected on the Amazon honor system is $869. The Paypal donate doesn't say.

--On Althouse, buying a regular ad costs $150 / week, a premium ad is $225. I think there are more, but assuming there is space for one regular ad and one premimum ad, and 50% of the ad space is purchased (is that too high or low?), then that works out to $7,800 + $11,700 = $19,500.

--Add to that Amazon referral fees (maybe $1000 / year? I have no idea...)

--That works out to probably around $20-25K / year in cash.

And I'm sure she also gets sent free gadgets, books, and what not.

Not bad for a performance art project, I'd say.

But I bet if you look at the total hours she spends blogging, it's probably less than minimum wage.

Bissage said...

Bissage is very aware of his own mortality . . . as well as that of others.

He greatly envies those oblivious to their own.





Bissage said...

God bless Althouse.

Bissage said...

Was that too cryptic for some of you people?


Althouse gets it.

Of that I'm sure.

PatCA said...

Thank you, Ann.

I'm sure in a former life you hosted a salon in Paris in the 19th century.

Michael_H said...

But what if the 14 million visitors were actually your 14 regular posters each visiting your blog 1 million times?

Could be, ya know.