May 20, 2008

Which David wants it more — and what to do with the "wants it more" factor?

From an in-depth analysis of tonight's "American Idol" finale:
David Cook:
  • He's okay with it if the prize goes to someone else - which makes voters feel less manipulated.
  • A sense of neediness - if not outright desperation - is a key draw in contests like this to begin with.
David Archuleta:
  • Plus: From the petrified look on his face at every single elimination round you can tell Archuleta clearly wants it more than Cook. In fact, he wants it more than anyone in "Idol" history.
  • Minus: It's scary how much this kid wants it, even scarier if you speculate on what could be the real reason. You get the idea if David A. doesn't get it, that overbearing dad of his will never let him hear the end of it.
This is a complicated problem. I'm putting to the side my actual musical preference for Cook. I'm thinking about which contestant will be better off winning. Now, I think the producers want David Cook to win, because: 1. He's like Chris Daughtrey, who lost in Season 5 but has sold way more music than last season's winner, and 2. They hate Archuleta's very stage-daddy dad. But Daughtrey probably did better by losing, since it's hard enough to seem like a rocker when you've got an association with "American Idol," so Cook benefits by losing. But maybe losing is an even greater benefit for Archuleta. He needs to grow up, mature, get beyond his twerpy teeniboppitude. Nah. Let the little kid win.

ADDED: Here's some info about tonight's show. Each David will sing 3 songs: 1. chosen by Clive Davis (former chairman of Sony BMG), 2. online poll choice, and 3. singer's choice.
[Producer Nigel] Lythgoe also hinted at some kind of duet videos that will air during the finale that may include a top pop star using technology to perform alongside a dead legend.

The show pulled off a similar stunt last year by superimposing Elvis Presley's face onto an Elvis lookalike who sang along with Celine Dion.
No, what I want te see is a dead legend performing with the contestants. Since the female contestants are all gone, bring in the femininity with reanimated divas! I want to see Janis Joplin sing "Piece of My Heart" with David Cook and, for David Archuleta, Judy Garland and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."


MadisonMan said...

I think it's better for David Cook if David Archuleta wins, for the reasons you state. It's also better for David Arculeta if David Arculeta wins -- although I'm not sure what kind of music career he will have. Gosh! So I conclude that David Archuleta should win, but I don't know if that's what's best for AI. The producers boxed themselves into a corner I think by pushing these two people on us.

David Cook will win, however, because the universe is perverse. He's also the better singer.

Rick Lee said...

It's obvious to everybody from watching the last few years that all that counts is getting into the final 3 or 4. Their subsequent careers don't really have much to do with the big prize so who gives a rat's ass?

Having said that, I think you are correct that it would be better for everybody if David A won.

Chip Ahoy said...

I await the outcome with bated breath.

*takes short inhalations*

*bites hand*

Donald Douglas said...

Geez, Althouse the "Idol" connoisseur!

I better get hip with my kids tonight, who'll be watching it. No CNN "Ballot Bowl" for you!!

American Power

cheerful iconoclast said...

Rick Lee is right, but he understates it. After Daughtry, Kellie Picklker has been the most successful of the Season 5 competitors, and she finished sixth. Bucky Covington has a CD out that's doing pretty well in the country world, and he finished eighth.

David Archuleta is going to win, because he has that non-threatening Tiger Beat appeal that twelve and thirteen-year-old girls go gaga for. And let's face it, the pre-teen girls are faster at texting than we will ever be. I predict one or maybe two hit records, followed by classic child-star disintegration. Oh, and he and his father will almost certainly wind up in litigation over money stuff.

Cook will be a mid-level indy rocker type, and he'll do fine.

Syesha may break through and become a diva, but if she doesn't she will become a Broadway Star.

Brooke White will carve a niche doing Carly Simon-style music.

Oh, and Kristy Lee Cook is going to be a country star, probably the most successful of the lot. Country stars can have long careers.

Paddy O. said...

David Archuleta, Judy Garland and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

Oooh! A great way for him to celebrate his fabulousness and to break the mold of heterosexual masculinity.

Now, if only someone could break the mold of metrosexual masculinity that seems to have established itself on Idol.

SteveR said...

I don't care who it's better for if someone wins. The better performer is David Cook and he should win. All this analysis about what Daughtry did or Kellie Pickler, by not winning vs winning, misses the point. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood did just fine, despite winning, because they are good.

Arguably, Cook is not as good as Daughtry, etc., but he's better than David A. The choice is that simple.

Manny Stiles said...

Sing what songs now? Aren't these two both feminine enough already?

They both should lose and they could practice how to "take it like a man"...

wgh said...

Let there be no doubt that the breathy balladeer wins. Cook is watered-down Daughtry, IMHO.

Methadras said...

I've totally stopped watching Idol. Ever since they started having people who already had records out there, albeit fairly unknown, and were a part of the business to some degree, it lost it's mystique for me. Idol isn't about finding the diamond in the rough that is the total underdog who makes it to the end. It's something else I can't really name.

TitusAllTheLeavesAreBrown said...

Judy Garland and Somewhere Over The Rainbow?

Why don't you just have him wear a t shirt that says Silence=Death.

I sure that tune would warm the hearts of America-not.

TitusAllTheLeavesAreBrown said...

Or maybe he should do Walk Like A Man with Divine-that would be hot.