May 5, 2008

We're in the East Village.

The lamp post informs us:

East Village

It's a distinctive place:


I love it... though there are things I don't understand:


East Village

And things I don't want to eat:

East Village

But follow those musicians:

East Village

We did.


rhhardin said...

That's a penguin from the Ming Dynasty. Look for the matching red lacquer box.

Ron said...

That satanic panda-penguin is wearing a sombrero of dreadlocks! Oh, right, right, East Village... Bet he had a Muskie bumper sticker on his butt...

Bissage said...

Taggers are the trolls of the non-internet world.

bearbee said...

That's a penguin from the Ming Dynasty..
That satanic panda-penguin...


former law student said...

Folks, 2008 is the Year of the RAt. I do not know why he is two-toned.

If I were there I would at least split the best hamburger in the East Village. A good burger can be sublime, even if you shouldn't eat 8 oz of meat all at once.

Revenant said...

It isn't a rat or a penguin. It is a tanuki, a "racoon dog".

vbspurs said...

You know when you've become overly politicised and see insidious political messages everywhere -- see the chalkboard in front of Da Burger Joint?

I thought it said "Mets Arugula".


Pal2Pal said...

Back in the sixties, my Mother was "on loan" to the New York headquarters of her employer and she had an apartment in a high rise at 77 East 12th Street, on the edge of the Village. I was in college and I flew into New York every chance I could get. I'd dump my suitcase and head for the streets of the Village. Looking at your pictures, it doesn't look much different today than it did all those eons ago.

I was dating one of the talent coordinators for the old Ed Sullivan TV show and he got Red Carpet entry to every happening club in the area, so going out with him seemed one big party.

vbspurs said...

I was dating one of the talent coordinators for the old Ed Sullivan TV show


I've been watching clips of Sullivan's show on Youtube, and though I'm not a piner, man would I love that hokey wholesomeness to come back just a BIT.


Pal2Pal said...

It was a "Wow" time, Victoria, especially for someone as naive as I was back then.

One day, I was meandering around Washington Square when I heard my name called. When I turned to see who it was, I discovered a girl who had been a good friend of mine in high school. We'd lost touch but there she was in a city of 8 million. She was a student at Columbia. It blew me away how we found each other that day.

Then about two weeks later I had a similar situation as I was window shopping in the heart of the Village. This time a male voice said my name, but I did not recognize the guy with hair to his shoulders and a full beard. Turned out it was my cousin who was trying to break into the music business with his band.

I took him back to my Mother's and she wouldn't let him sit on anything in her apartment until he took a shower and she could wash his clothes. He was flopping with about 20 other guys in an old studio walk up and was near starving. My Mom told me later that she spent more on groceries during the two week period he was hanging around than she spent on herself for six months.

But that's New York. Something exciting happening every day and you never knew who you might run into. I loved every minute.

bearbee said...

...and she wouldn't let him sit on anything in her apartment until he took a shower and she could wash his clothes.

LOL. I can understand that.

Still in touch?

YLS3L said...

You haven't experienced the East Village unless you've been to McSorley's Old Ale House, located on 7th St. btw. 2nd and 3rd.

Trooper York said...

Holy crap where did they get the statue of Cyrus Pinkerton. Isn't that a Pandagon?

titusislookingforabeautifulstranger said...

The East Village is over Mary. It isn't "The East Village" anymore.

The musicians and artists have moved to Brooklyn and Queens and the yuppies have moved in.

Now it is "fake" East Village. No one interesting can afford it anymore.