May 9, 2008

Vegetable music.

This is actually a whole YouTube genre. Music played with vegetables. I've been fascinated by music played on things other than musical instruments ever since I saw the Incredible String Band in concert in 1969 and they kicked an old trunk for a bass drum. Or maybe ever since I was a kid in Delaware playing music with a blade of grass:

No, that's not me! We didn't have videocams in the 50s. Plus, that seems to be Canada.


Ryan said...

Stuff white people like?

rhhardin said...

Speaking of grass, the backyard is now scythed. I love how it looks, with those huge swath marks.

And, with perfect timing, it's ready to start over again in the front yard. There's no down time, like in August.

Blowing music with a grass blade gets your face licked pretty instantly, by the way.

Trooper York said...

"Vegetable music."

Hey that's what they called Brian Wilson's last three albums.

Michael said...

Did you see that Above the Law is using your picture?

George M. Spencer said...

What about the movie genre in which people turn into fungus?

"Attack of the Mushroom People"

In TohoScope!

blogging cockroach said...

ooh i like it
i mean those are instruments i can relate to
i know what they taste like--at least when they're a few days old
now i know what they sound like
plus if you play them you can always tell your friends
you bored your carrot last night

you know ordinary instruments and musicians dont do it for me
its such a problem around here in snooty massachusetts
there are all these people walking around with violin and cello cases etc
often right outside my door im not kidding
they must be going somewhere with all those inedible instruments
but do i get any tickets to the bso...
nooo - and whats more ordinary concerts terrify me
all those people
all those feet aarghh
so i say its stradivarius and the hell with it

anyway whats going to become of all these little men and mousey women
with their brown fiddles and dented horns...
some will enter the military
some will be retrained for useful professions
some will disappear in cattle cars in the night
yes the final solution to the orchestra question
please pass the rutabaga

MadisonMan said...

The carrot flute is pretty cool.

Methadras said...

No wonder food prices are going up.

blake said...

A real musician would eat the instrument after the performance.

David said...

"Call Any Vegtable," by Frank Zappa:

(This is a song about vegetables, they keep ya regular
They're real good for yo)

Call any vegetable Call it by name
Call one today When you get off the train
Call any vegetable And the chances are good
Aw, The vegetable will respond to you

(Some people don't go for prunes...I
don't know, I've always found that if they...)
Call any vegetable Pick up your phone
Think of a vegetable Lonely at home
Call any vegetable And the chances are good
That a vegetable will *respond* to you

Rutabaga, Rutabaga,
Rutabaga, Rutabaga,

(A prune isn't really a vegetable...
CABBAGE is a vegetable...)

No one will know
If you don't want to let them know
No one will know
'Less it's you that might tell them so
Call and they'll come to you
Covered with dew
Vegetables dream, Of responding to you

Standing there shiny and proud by your side
Holding your hand while the neighbors decide
Why is a vegetable something to hide

blogging cockroach said...

david thats nice to share that with us
some people would go frank who...
but being an insect gives me a special affinity with zappa
so the last paragraph of my post above contains two zappa references
one is the final solution
the other is the rutabaga
now you have spilled the beans so to speak
about rutabagas
what about the final solution to the orchestra question...
not to mention munchkins