May 29, 2008

A rare rhino is caught in the wild by a hidden camera and then flips out — like a Hollywood actor confronting the paparazzi.

Who understands the mind of the rhino? Look at him. Look into his eyes:

The Uncomfortable Face

Where are his eyes? What a face. Wouldn't you smash cameras if you looked like that?


vbspurs said...

OR try to avoid it from kissing you. Yuck.

Skyler said...

I'm not a rhino expert, but I think that's a black rhino and your picture is a white rhino.

Ann Althouse said...

Yes, it's true. The rare rhino is not the zoo rhino I photographed.

vbspurs said...


There, I beat Michelle Obama to it, Skyler.

Trooper York said...

Wow, that Amy Winehouse is really looking rough these days.

bearbee said...

"If you want to look handsome, stand next to a rhinoceros."

Palladian said...

Tried to make him go to rehab but he said no, no, no.

vbspurs said...


And very ugly.

Ron said...

I can't understand why people watch 'reality' TV, and you're asking me to understand the mind of rhinos?

Aren't they Republicans in name only, anyway?

Eli Blake said...


Exactly. Conservative Republicans often call moderate Republicans 'RINO's.'

Which is why, when I read the headline, and thinking about a Rino with a temper, I almost expected the picture (once it loaded) to be of John McCain.

rhhardin said...

Some rhinoceros poetry here

Slumping concrete isn't bad. eg.

He's made of slumping concrete,
as solemn as tenements collapsing
in slow motion, that's how
he sits, lies down,

ponders his inner being
as empty as a bunker
in which there have been no soldiers
since '44.

SGT Ted said...

Maybe the Hollywood actor confronting the paparazzi are acting like a rhino?

TitusWhat'sthatinyourpocket? said...
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Chip Ahoy said...

Jim Carrey;

Uses a mechanical rhino to spy

The fan malfunctions inside the rhino

Gets hot.


Breaks a valve.

Sees light through a small hole at the back of the rhino

Tourists pull up.

Widens the hole from inside.

Sticks face through hole

Tourists shocked and confused

Struggles getting head through

Gorces entire body out

Father gets sick

Boy says, "Cool!"

Tourists hasten off.

HAHAHA x 280

There, now you can have yourself a larf without having to watch it. (The You Tubes are presently under maintenance.)

TitusWhat'sthatinyourpocket? said...

That face is fascinating.

I find zoos depressing, although I did a guy in the Vilas Zoo parking lot late at night when I was like 16 with some 40 year old guy. He was in the military.

Late at night the Vilas Zoo parking lot is cruisy-at least it used to be.

Susan said...

A friend and I were at a zoo and found ourselves facing the back side of a rhino that suddenly let out a spray of urine that can only be described as something akin to the jet spray setting on a garden hose. So if you think the front end is bad....

TitusWhat'sthatinyourpocket? said...

I don't like to see animals caged. They look depressed and cramped in some zoos.

I know some zoos have huge spaces which are great.

Vilas Zoo (if that is where these pictures are from) is not a very nice zoo. It is free though. I used to love that wax making machine that molded gorillas and lions. I loved smashing it into pieces as soon as it dropped out of the machine. After I was done smashing to pieces I would eat it.

Born Free
As Free As The Wind Blows
As Free As The Grass Grows

thank you,

TitusWhat'sthatinyourpocket? said...

How come when I come one here the Amazon post has all gay stuff on it?

It is like it knows me.

Pet Shop Boys
Human League
Erasure-how pathetic

Trooper York said...

I don't know her politics but Amy Winehouse is a Rino.

Rehab in name only.

Ann Althouse said...

Yeah, it's Vilas.

Trooper York said...

Holy crap! That's Guillermo Vilas!
Those tennis players really let themselves go. I thought John Daly and John Kruk were screwed up, but jeeez.

vbspurs said...

Eli wrote:

Which is why, when I read the headline, and thinking about a Rino with a temper, I almost expected the picture (once it loaded) to be of John McCain.

Heh. That's actually very funny.

I have to remember that, next time I blog about Keith Olbermann.

"Audience members watch in horror."