May 26, 2008

Palate cleanser.



Bissage said...

Rejoice! For the darkness from the East has lifted! The ring has been destroyed!

(Now, all we need are a couple of eagles to get Frodo and Sam the hell out of Mt. Doom.)

Look! Here comes one now!

chickenlittle said...

I love lilacs. They don't grow well in warm climates like southern California but there's such a thing as "Sea Lavander" which looks similar. Alas they don't smell though. I bet those lilacs smell wonderful. Their fragrance is one of those familiar childhood smells for me-

vbspurs said...

Hmmmm. A "Palate Cleanser" after "Blowjobs".


Donald Douglas said...

Very nice!

Have a peaceful and relaxing Memorial Day!

BillHall said...

Greetings Ann!

Special request - Could you post a shot of the metal flower print chairs on the Union patio? I am a Madison native and Badger alum, I rarely get the chance to return, and those chairs are my first memory! Thanks in advance if you get the chance. Love your retro-blogs too.