May 19, 2008

Like the new ad in my sidebar?


rhhardin said...

Cheney's my first choice for President. He'd probably win if he ran.

Let the ACLU vote for Obama.

George said...

"Too often in the Middle East, politics has consisted of one leader in power and the opposition in jail. In our democracy, we would never punish a person for owning a Koran. We would never issue a death sentence to someone for converting to Islam. Democracy does not threaten Islam or any religion. Democracy is the only system of government that guarantees their protection."

Bush slaps Pharoah Mubarak's face yesterday.

Mubarak, 80, has ruled Egypt for 28 years and is grooming his son Gamal to succeed him.

(via Instapundit)

Zeb Quinn said...

Say what you want about them otherwise, but hard left organizations are nothing if not brilliant at knowing exactly what images to concoct and what buttons to push to separate their minions from their cash.

vet66 said...

...entertaining as parody. I would add to the ACLU; and you ACLU are not the oracle at delphi."

It is my guess that before the planned meeting there will be a turkey shoot on the Cheney ranch to which they are all invited. Bus service will be provided.

Zeb Quinn said...

Cheney's my first choice for President

You know who's even better? Lynne Cheney. It's a shame she's not interested in a political career.

Bob said...

Hey, commenters: can any of you name one person of your acquaintance who has been affected by Cheney's shredding of the Constitution? I personally think that's a BS meme that has no basis is reality.

rdkraus said...

If you really are concerned about liberty and the constitution, join/donate to the Institute for Justice.

vet66 said...


Yours is an excellent description of leftist democrats in general!

Harsh Pencil said...

What is it with the left and Cheney?
The office of the Vice-President has no duties whatsoever other than presiding over the Senate. So essentially, Cheey is simply an adviser to President Bush. He can't actually do anything! So what makes the left so sure he's this dark overlord running everything? Where's the evidence that their opinion of Cheney is anything other than a figment of their own fevered imagination?

T J Sawyer said...

Ann, you pose such a dilemma for me. Yesterday you linked me to my own favorite driving music (The Beach Boys) and then linked to the greatest movie of all time - Easy Rider.

Now this!

Since the ACLU does a lot of really good work and certainly believes in a lot of good things, why would they personify an issue and demonize a government official with this ad? Seems like a tactic that should go against their principles. I suppose "it works" is the answer.

Henry said...

I assume the government issued Cheney a paper shredder for a reason.

El Presidente said...

I just cut off our funding of the ACLU. A shame really, because it was the best investment 'la revolucion' ever made in weakening the Norte Americanos.

It is a shame that the ACLU has dropped the veil of independence. Ever since the ACLU was launched by the Popular Front they have striven to put on an apolitical front.

Worse yet, this the 'sweaty Cheney' is awful propaganda. Propaganda manipulates the proletariat through fear and greed. Why would anyone fear a man having an infarction while shredding the constitution?

We identified Cheney as a threat back when he was in the Ford White House and the Ministry built up an image of him with the proles. A scowl, a shot gun (you didn't think that was an accident did you) and an oil well are the images that people fear.

The Ministry produced several acceptable alternatives for the ACLU to use and the ACLU inserted a ridiculous cartoon. Dollars are tight and the ACLU won't see any more of ours until they shape up.

Tibore said...

"What is it with the left and Cheney?...

... Where's the evidence that their opinion of Cheney is anything other than a figment of their own fevered imagination?"

Oh man... you should see what the truthers say about him. All the conspiracy fantasies have him as l'éminence grise in today's administration.

Yachira said...

Love it!! It underscores, highlights, mocks, and shines a light on the absolutely juvenile inanity of the ACLU.

Thanks Ann!

OldGrouchy said...

O Man, that ACLU Ad is so appropriate!

Just see how much our freedom of speech has been restricted, people arrested for flaunting their beliefs, and newspapers shut down for their expressed opinions.

Also, too, if one doesn't practice the same religion as Herr Cheney, their mosque is shut down, their UCC store front is firebombed and their wonderful preachers are dishonored with phony-baloney snippets looped and played over and over again.

Why Herr Cheney even shoots those who disagree with him and no one raises a finger to protest his acts. We've become a nation of sheep, allowing this dictatorship to run uncontrolled.

Please send money if you agree with me to me at MyNeedsCountToo.BS.RUS

P. Rich said...

Ah, the ACLU. I am reminded of a squabbling pack of Hairless Chihuahuas, each tiny collar sporting a little red star and crescent, yiping, yiping...

Finn Kristiansen said...

Oh boy. But at least the ad is vivid and colorful, if a tad insane.

I was just fiddling with adsense on my blog, disgusted, because the image ads that appear are all pill and drug related (and I am not exactly blogging about pills or weight loss). I am seconds away from removing it altogther.

You might need an offsetting A.C.L.J advert to keep things fair and balanced over here.

Kirk Parker said...


"Cheney's shredding of the Constitution"

Oh, that's what the picture is! I though he was making spaghetti or something...

Ann Althouse said...

"to keep things fair and balanced over here"

Anybody who wants to balance things is encouraged to buy an ad. I have never refused an ad.

Troy said...

I would like an ad of Al Gore recycling the Constitution.

Trooper York said...

Hey are there discounts for frequent commenters?

It won’t be political. It would only be about clothes. (Some of them there feminists might need a new bra you know. If you are gonna burn a bra, you should only burn the best. Prima Donna Bras. Imported from Belgium).

AlphaLiberal said...

Yes, I do like it. It does what art is supposed to do. In this case, it captures Cheney's attacks on the US Constitution.

And it's pretty telling to see the the little Cheneys here attack an American organization dedicated to protecting the US Constitution: the ACLU.

The ACLU whose ranks and support have exploded under the Cheney Administration.

Brian O'Connell said...

I can't see it.

"Did you know that browsing with Adblock Plus is stealing!?"

-paraphrasing Betty White

OldGrouchy said...

Ann, yet, while you've never "refused an ad," you've also never brought us a pizza. That would be nice, just a slice!

El Presidente said...

AlphaLiberal, now that's what I am talking about. You are much better at this than the ACLU. I hope you are still getting our email.

You have mastered four of the five steps of successful propaganda.

1) Claim opponents have evil intent.
2) Claim moral high ground.
3) Breed fear without specifics.
4) Show that anyone that disagrees with you is somehow outside the norm.

Well done.

Bissage said...

There’s more to that primitive-looking political cartoon than first meets the eye.

If you put your ear up to your computer you can actually hear the death screams of the unenumerated rights that live in the penumbral emanations.

It sounds like a chorus of tiny little helium voices.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah . . . we're dying . . . .


Dust Bunny Queen said...

It looks like Cheney is turning the Constitution into fettucini using a pasta machine.

I find the Left's fascination with Cheney and Rove interesting. Sick and perverted, but interesting. How long after neither of these figures are in public life will it be before the obsession fades and who is going to be the next boogeyman?

vbspurs said...

I saw that last night, and wondered what I would do, if I received a Blogad from people I dislike (not implying you dislike them, of course).

My first impulse is "laugh all the way to the bank".

I'm still waiting for the second impulse.


vbspurs said...

next boogeyman?

If Obama is elected, Fox News will become that solitary bogeyman.

I know they are already to a lot of people, but the vitriol will be as nothing you have seen before.

Naturally, their ratings will go through the roof. Fox News were made during the Clinton years, when they were in "opposition", of course.

And consolidated during the Bush years. When you're the lone conservative voice on television, whatever stance you take, it's win-win.


Michael_H said...

Like the new ad in my sidebar?

Nah. Not a fan of the ACLU, especially after they defended the North American Man-boy Love Association. Read about it here:

Would someone mind posting a list of the rights Bush and Cheney have abridged? Can't seem to find it anywhere.

As far as the 'I'd post the ad, take the money and laugh all the way to the bank' mindset, would you post an ad on your blog for the American Nazi Party? The KKK? Hustler Magazine?

Which organization's ad would be out of bounds, or are there no bounds when compensation is involved?

Ann Althouse said...

"Oh, that's what the picture is! I though he was making spaghetti or something... "

"It looks like Cheney is turning the Constitution into fettucini using a pasta machine."

I thought: tagliatelle.

Titusloveprofusion said...

"I thought: tagliatelle"

That sounds elitists.

Hogarth said...

The ACLU whose ranks and support have exploded under the Cheney Administration.

Yes, well, we all know how fun and easy it is to profit by playing on the unsubstantiated and irrational fears of unsophisicated and gullible rubes, don't we?

Toby said...

I just clicked on it with no intention of donating. I figured I'd just transfer some small amount of wealth from the ACLU to Ann. Two good deeds with one push of a button. Very satisfying!

Hazy Dave said...

He should be very careful wearing a necktie that close to a working paper shredder.

And, speaking as a bespectacled, middle aged male of receding hairline, I don't think Cheney gets enough credit for being a ruggedly handsome and desirable representative of the species. It's like there's some kind of discrimination going on...

Jeff with one 'f' said...

"Remind Bush and Cheney that a president is not a king..."

Someone should remind the ACLU that judges are not kings. Preferably with an illustration of Nadine Strossen shredding a Boy Scout.

SGT Ted said...

When the ACLU gets around to defending ALL the Constitution, I'll get around to supporting them.

UWS guy said...

Sorry, I use ad-blocking macros...why would anyone not use ad-blocking software with their browsers?

Actually makes pages load faster...(sorry to cut into your revenue :D)

Seneca the Younger said...

Not much, no.

blake said...

The real problem with the hyperbole spewed by the left is that our rights have been eroded. Not by stripping them away completely and kidnapping people in the middle of the night and hauling them off to Gitmo.

But just a little bit. Just as they were under Clinton. And especially Reagan. And on and on back to FDR and before.

I remember all the "shredding" talk under Reagan because of the War on Drugs. But did Clinton undo any of that stuff when he had the chance? No.

The parties use ideas as weapons. If they actually fixed the problems, they'd be disarmed.

PatCA said...

Why is it that the branches of a "living" constitution only grow leftward?

Methadras said...

AlphaLiberal said...

Yes, I do like it. It does what art is supposed to do. In this case, it captures Cheney's attacks on the US Constitution.

And it's pretty telling to see the the little Cheneys here attack an American organization dedicated to protecting the US Constitution: the ACLU.

The ACLU whose ranks and support have exploded under the Cheney Administration.

Okay, now that I'm done laughing at your perpetual idiocy, I have to wonder how you came to have these types of ideas thrust into that porous head of yours? I mean, really, it's like one leftist, you, praising a leftist organization, the ACLU, for doing it's great leftist work, which is selectively representing the tiniest shreds of what it deems attacks on the Constitution by undesirable, dark, and menacing forces lurking everywhere.

The ACLU could give 2 fucking cents about the Constitution and what it stands for considering the sordid history and Communist origin of the ACLU itself. It simply uses the Constitution to further it's own means and ends, which to eradicate and further dilute the meaning of the Constitution itself. Now, someone asked it here, and I've asked it as well, but can you please name anyone or anything that Cheney has done to erode the Constitution? Can you enumerate any of the rights under the COTUS that you have personally lost and require the ACLU to stand up on your behalf? Which right have you lost or feel you will lose?

It's pretty telling to see little moronic leftists like you constantly preach the kool-aid ACLU line about hey they are the tip of the spear in protecting the COTUS when infact you neglect and deride the very people who are on the front lines doing that very thing regardless of who you are or what you stand for.

Is it any wonder you can't form any deep or meaningful lines of thought that aren't shallower than your latest suntan? Or are you as pasty white as I think you are? Seriously, why do you subscribe to a bankrupt and immoral ideology like leftism? Do you even know?

Chip Ahoy said...


All this abrasive language has caused me to put some dirt into a tiny cup, stick some seeds from a tomato I was eating water it and observe it grow.

Padre Steve said...

I still can't figure out why they hate the Vice President so much. I think he is a great American who says what he means and means what he says. God bless him! Padre Steve

Methadras said...

Padre Steve said...

I still can't figure out why they hate the Vice President so much. I think he is a great American who says what he means and means what he says. God bless him! Padre Steve

That's exactly why the left hates Cheney. He is anathema to everything they are, which is to say he is a great American. They are not and therefore they revile him. They see him as the personification of evil because he doesn't muddy the waters with their vaunted nuance to every issue or idea. He is plain spoken and he articulates his ideas and positions with meaning and power. You might as well be shoving their heads in broken glass at the thought of it. He's been around public service long enough to know how to rip the veils off of their constructed lies and to reveal the natures of who they really are. Misshapen troglodytes that carry the Orwellian messages of their ideology, the prattling and the stupid. Useful idiots, the lot of them.

Ralph said...

Meth, we can't call Osama on the phone without worrying about the jackboots.
If I ever have to fly again, I will wear a gold thong and nothing else... on my feet.

OldGrouchy said...

Wait just a minute, all you other members of the VRWC, don't you understand, it's not the facts, it's their hatred. Did I mention facts, there are no such facts supporting those Socialists, just feelings.

It will be a pity when Johnny Mac is elected, all those Socialist heads exploding; very messy!

OTOH, when a Socialist (God forbid!) is elected, the Reps are going to slightly resist and those Socialist heads will then explode. So, my prediction is that all those Dhimmi/Socialist heads will explode and those who swim, their huge fetid bodies will implode.

Simon said...

WRT the comments asking for specifics about which rights have supposedly been abridged, I asked a commenter at SF to get specific on that point recently, and to judge by his answer, the answer is zip.

I think it's also true to say, as others here have, that the ACLU isn't interested in protecting the Constitution itself, but in inflating the rights-bearing portions to the point where the exceptions eclipse the rule.

Synova said...

Our rights are constantly eroded and that is why I think the upset over Cheney and Bush (and Rove) and the thing about "King" and all that is so incredibly hysterical.

It's the hypocrisy.

Bush has done stuff I'd sort of rather he didn't, but he didn't do anything that wasn't done before. The only thing new is the outrage.

Oh, the outrage!

And it's so obviously and clearly opportunistic outrage because it only appears because it's Bush. Bush the King, and Cheney the anti-Christ behind the throne? What?

If we're going to care about privacy and our rights and DO anything to push back a little bit the other way (and gun rights are about the only place that's happening) then it can't be so stupidly about a Boogie Man... I mean... King Bush? LOL! Oh, that's funny!

When the flapping chickens start actually talking about securing our RIGHTS, which frankly, isn't going to happen coming from a group entitlement mind-set, then we could maybe do something about it.

Revenant said...

Where was the ACLU during the anti-gun hysteria of the 80s and 90s? Mostly helping to elect the folks behind it, that's where. I'd like the ACLU more if it focused on the rights protected by the Constitution, rather than on extra rights people have imagined since then.

Kirk Parker said...


Ahem; I opened the pasta-machine aspect by mentioning "spaghetti". Spaghetti. Is. Not. Elitist.


Thank you.

(And. Apologies. To. Rachel. Lucas!)

Ralph said...

Tagliatelle sure is elitist, whatever it is. But I know enough that the "g" is silent, so I'm a snob, too.