May 18, 2008

Let's walk among the flowering trees this cloudy Sunday.

Flowering trees

Walk... or bike:

Flowering trees

I'm glad it's overcast. The trees are pretty enough:

Flowering trees

I don't want them too pretty:

Flowering trees


blake said...

Looks like rain.


rhhardin said...

Flowering Tree this morning in Central Ohio.

Not three miles earlier, Horse.

At home meanwhile, Dog.

Meade said...

Hard to tell with that freaky fisheye but my interest is piqued.

Could that last one possibly be the rare Eastern Redbud variety: Cercis canadensis "Vortex"?

Dan from Madison said...

Looks like the arboretum - excellent choice.

vbspurs said...

O/T: The Country Music Awards are following 60 Minutes. This is my second exposure to this Carrie Underwood (first, singing to the Pope). I like her! Who knew.

Also, Bon Jovi was on 60 Minutes. He was for Kerry in 2004. Wonder if he's Obama or Hillary?


ricpic said...

Two women wander beneath the trees
Which being trees are quite content
To womanly shelter the women below:
A female shelters: time well spent

Ann Althouse said...

Ha ha, Dan. I went to the arboretum because YOU told me to.

AllenS said...


Did you turn around, and go back to Madison?

rhhardin said...

O/T: The Country Music Awards

YouTube by singer/songwriter Tibetan in Chinese jail since 2004, rather nice music. Who knows what the lyrics are. Probably not toeing the right line.

Tibet is like Canada, as to what song lyrics that are permitted.

I prefer it to Carrie Underwood, as to musicality, but it may wear on me eventually.

losergrrl said...

If I were a fish walking amongst the trees, would things look like this? And if I were to leap in the forest will you hear me splash?

rhhardin said...

fish walking

It's a water effect. Rays bend downwards as they enter the water, so if you're in the water you see the horizon as a circle in front of you, rather than as an edge-on circle around you.