May 13, 2008

“Just wait ‘til we win like 80-20.”

80-20? Why not 90-10? This thing is doable!


Meade said...

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Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here.

bearbee said...

Intrade predicting WV, Ky, PR to Clinton. MT, OR to Obama. Superdelegates to Obama.

OldGrouchy said...

Hum, perhaps the Dhimmis making that 80-20 prediction have been smoking too much alternative substances and their minds are clouded!

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, Meade. Fixed.

rhhardin said...

Trailer trash is in the DNA, is what she's saying.

vbspurs said...

Bill Clinton quote:

Well, Hillary can get 80 percent of the vote in West Virginia', and if only 100,000 people show up it is not enough. But if 600,000 people show up, and you say, 'We want a president', then you will see the earth move.

I like it best when the Clintons are clawing and fighting dirty.

Being front-runners in a slam dunk contest, even if the whiff of desperation is somehwat hovering the

If the Clintons win 79-11%, watch Obama supporters claim a smashing victory.


Roger J. said...

I am guessing that Senator Clinton's victory in WV will not get much coverage as the MSM adjusts its kneepads.

Garage Mahal: theres still time to become a wingnut--we told you all this in 1993 and you didnt believe us! :)

The Drill SGT said...

If the Clintons win 79-11%, watch Obama supporters claim a smashing victory.

79-21% ?

good thing it's nurses that set up those auto-dose IV machines


paul a'barge said...

80-20 is not an unreasonable guess for W. Va.

You just can't get blacks to vote 90% for Barak Hussein Obama and not expect everyone's race buttons to get pushed. You just can't.

vbspurs said...

79-21% ?

good thing it's nurses that set up those auto-dose IV machines

HEH! Nono, I went on Med Sabbatical and never returned. Not in the cards for me, sadly.

Just as well, as you noted, TDS. :P


Hoosier Daddy said...

Folks, this is the state that continually elects a Democrat senator who was a former member of the KKK. If BHO gets 20% I'd be shocked. Shocked I say.

garage mahal said...

I'm sure if they do decide to cover the primary it will be the usual stream of idiot pundits spouting tortured ahistorical novels about their favorite subject. Themselves.

Since this is a state that Obama will lose, it will be about race, and since race is a complicated matter to discuss, only pundits are allowed to speak about it! Not disapproved pols who could be contacted for a clarification. Only they are properly equipped and trained from their liberal arts degrees to approach such topics. And if there is a comment or statement that sounded clumsy, or could be misconstrued, only they can tell you what really was meant by it. They have unnamed party leaders and people on the street to back them up!

Christopher Althouse Cohen said...

Let me just say, it's not gonna be 80-20. That was a supporter who wasn't involved with the campaign, and someone in the campaign immediately stepped in and said it'll be much closer than that. Only one poll put her 40 points ahead, and that was a pollster I find generally unreliable (American Research Group). I think a safer bet would be a 25 to 30 point lead. Even still, if the turnout is high enough, one state could have a surprisingly big effect on the popular vote margin.