May 11, 2008

It's Mother's Day. Let's watch some mother movies.

I thought of "Mommie Dearest" and "Serial Mom."


Kev said...

'Aliens.' In the end, it's about a mother and a surrogate mother fighting for their children.

Outis said...

Don't forget "Throw Momma from the Train", another heart-warming tale of mothers & sons.

Ron said...

"Psycho" shows a sons love of his mother, so strong, well, it brings a tear to my eye...

Trooper York said...

White Heat.....Top of the world MA.

Pogo said...

Happy Mother's Day, Althouse, reader, ruth anne, freeman, and all. And for amba, whose "Ground Zero in [her] life and heart is completely invisible."

Simon Birch with Ashley judd
The River Wild (1994) with Meryl Streep
Parenthood with Steve Martin and Mary Steenburgen

This Woman's Work
by Kate Bush

Pray God you can cope.
I stand outside this woman's work,
This woman's world.
Ooh, it's hard on the man,
Now his part is over.
Now starts the craft of the father.

I know you have a little life in you yet.
I know you have a lot of strength left.
I know you have a little life in you yet.
I know you have a lot of strength left.

I should be crying, but I just can't let it show.
I should be hoping, but I can't stop thinking

Of all the things I should've said,
That I never said.
All the things we should've done,
That we never did.
All the things I should've given,
But I didn't.

Oh, darling, make it go,
Make it go away.

Give me these moments back.
Give them back to me.
Give me that little kiss.
Give me your hand.

I Love My Mom
by Suzzy Roche, with the Roches
mommy help me
i can t hear
there is a pain
in my ear
i am afraid
and i need your love
and i love my mom

mommy why
are you really angry
i don t know
what is the matter with me
you make me cry
and i need your love
and i love my mom

down in the cellar
is a memory chest
inside of it
mom's wedding dress
i try it on
and i need your love
and i love my mom

i understand
as i get a little older
i can't always
do what i'm told
i get a spanking
and i need your love
and i love my mom

rcocean said...

We're going to watch "I remember Mama"

On fathers day "Life with Father".

We have a thing for Irene Dunne.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

"Overboard" with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn is an interesting movie about motherhood and families. Being the Mother isn't always about being the biological parent. Being a family isn't always about being genetically related.

vbspurs said...

Rocean, marry me! I love Irene Dunne, and especially those two films.

(As an aside, Althouse should really consider some kind of eHarmony dating service for her blog)

If you guys are bitter about your mother, may I suggest:

Ordinary People

If you think you know Mary Tyler Moore as an actress, you don't know crap. She gave a committedly ice-cold WASP performance, much scarier than any Mommie Dearest (though I love the latter film).

If you love your mama, but she was a ditz, check out the made-for-TV-movie about Gloria Vanderbilt (co-starring Bette Davis!!):

"Little Gloria...Happy At Last"

No introductions needed, you all know:


Back when Cher could act (boy did she, and Eric Stoltz too).

Taking up DBQ's theme that you don't have to be a biological mother, to raise a kid, everyone should watch this once in their lives:

"Auntie Mame

Happy Mother's Day, Althousians (again)! :)


Trooper York said...
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Trooper York said...

Beowulf, the story of a mother's love.

rcocean said...


I'll marry you tomorrow, if the Mrs. gives the OK. How do you feel about Polygamy?

ricpic said...

If you're lucky your mom's your first girl,
Your introduction to the man and woman whirl.

titusisdreamingofhog said...

Spanking the Monkey-absolutely the feel good mother movie of all time.

titusisdreamingofhog said...

Which family is Vito celebrating Mothers Day with?

I can't believe there has been no comment by our "moderate" hee hee about Vito.

It has it all. Two families, lies, the grandfather in on it and paying for the second family. It is absolutey fabulous. Hypocrisy, Lies, Deceit, Sex, Alcohol.

steven said...

For those who like Mother's day I recommend "I Remember Mama". For those who don't, try "I Dismember Mama".

Ruth Anne Adams said...

"Legally Blonde" is on Comedy Central. As a mother, I get to choose.

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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PatCA said...

Happy Mother's Day to all.

BTW why is the media allowed to still say "Mother's" Day? Shouldn't they say "Progenitor 1" Day or "Parent Day" or some such?

vbspurs said...

I'll marry you tomorrow, if the Mrs. gives the OK. How do you feel about Polygamy?

I'm not crazy about the clothes, Rocean. Maybe we can just live in sin?


nina said...

You could take almost any film and construct a statement out of it about motherhood.

But if someone seriously wanted to understand the brutal strength of a mother's love and the horrible aftermath of not being able to protect a child, your child -- no movie, for me, is more powerful than Sophie's Choice.

Not being able to save one's child. Probably the greatest pain of all.

Happy Mother's Day.

HeatherRadish said...

Friday the Thirteenth (original) is a pretty good story about the "brutal strength of a mother's love", too.

reader_iam said...

Nina beat me to it.

Ron said...

Live in sin? Victoria, sin is my middle name! I prefer 'shack up with lust', anywho...

rcocean said...


Well Ok. But remember when you're still single, bitter, and clinging to guns and religion, that I offered marriage.

blake said...

This is what happens when you're spending the day in service to motherhood.

I was going to say "I Disemember Mam". Though the first movie that came to mind was actually American Gothic with Rod Steiger and Yvonne De Carlo.

And, Titus, before Spanking the Monkey there was Luna.

TMink said...

Gone with the Wind! Melanie is the soul of a kind, loving mother.

I agree with Kev about Aliens to a point, I saw it as more of an abuse victim saving her inner child.


David said...

Bambi--the perfect Cheesehead mother movie. Also known as: "Deer Hunter, The Prequel."

reader_iam said...

So, if we're thinking of "Bambi," then my mind goes to Disney's Dumbo, and this.

Sort of a shame Trooper's (likely, probably) not still around to have seen me post this.