May 16, 2008

"I remember when I used to play shoot 'em up, shoot 'em up, bang, bang, baby."

Just a song I heard a few minutes ago on the 60s channel:

The group is pretty obscure: The Intruders.


Randy (Internet Ronin) said...

Obscure? Really? Its on my "oldies but moldies" hit parade.

vbspurs said...

If you're a night owl, as I am, you get to see a lot of rock CD collection infomercials.

Other night I saw Peter Fonda (of all people) reminding people how great 60s music was, and why don't you buy this 12-CD compilation.

This was one of the clips and songs featured.

I guess Obama was the first generation of black Americans that never marcelled their hair. Or felt a need to.

Ahh, see always the political angle.


Ron said...

Definitely sounds like it belongs in a Tarantino movie...just before Sam Jackson shoots somebody...

Ron said...

Victoria, wasn't marcelling a common thing for Hollywood actress of the twenties/thirties?

John Z. said...

Thst is a great old song. I remember it from the sixties. But all of the memories that it conjures up in my mind makes me wonder if I am really remembering the sixties or the idea of the sixties promoted in movies like The Big Chill and Return of the Secaucus Seven.

Forty years is a long time ago.

vbspurs said...

Victoria, wasn't marcelling a common thing for Hollywood actress of the twenties/thirties?

And for my teenage grandmother, come to that, Ron. It was easier to fit a cloche hat that way. ;)

Look at this pretty girl on the right, from Florida yet.

I guess the only people marcelling today go to places like this. Well, when I went to Cuba, to my astonishment I did see a lot of black people with marcelled hair.

The funniest part of it, was that they call the red hot iron used to straighten the hair, El Assasasino.

(Sorry for the threadjack!)


Ann Althouse said...

Randy, I think the group is obscure. It's pretty much their only song. I remembered hearing it, but I had no memory of the name of the group. It's a pretty bad name for a group, too.

vbspurs said...

It's a pretty bad name for a group, too.

The Avengers was a ice-cool, hip programme back then. Close enough.

John Z. said...

It's pretty much their only song.

I also remember them singing "I'll always love my momma".

I think if I heard Obama sing that song -- or if he gave me some idea that he has as much esteem for the woman who raised him as he does for the baby daddy who fathered him, I might consider voting for him.

But then again, probably not.

Randy (Internet Ronin) said...

Oh, I do see what you mean. You just caught me off-guard because I've listened to the "oldies" for years and hadn't considered just how small was the "niche market" I was trapped in.

At first I was going to agree that the name was a bad one, but bad has been in for some time and I'm not so positive about that. Then I was going to note the line right after the one you quoted, where "beat 'em up" refers to girls, and opine that that wouldn't fly today, what with tag now being outlawed in elementary schools across the nation, but it obviously would fly, as the sales of gangsta rap albums extolling the subjugation and mistreatment of women amply demonstrate.

paul a'barge said...

Cowboys to Girls ...
written by Dan Penn, an incredibly talented and prolific white song writer from Muscle Shoals.

Dan Penn

Dan's song writing partner is Scooter Oldham, Neil Young's keyboardist. You can see Scooter in the Neil Young movie Heart of Gold of his concert in Nashville.

Dan is still alive. He has several offerings on Itunes. You will recognize a bunch of them. For example, Dark End of the Street

Dan's stuff has most recently been covered by Hacienda Brothers.

J.A. Cohen should know them, they play Austin every year.

George said...

They Fought the Law !

paul a'barge said...

Althouse, if you like Dan Penn songs do you know Eva Cassidy

She's no longer with us... just wonderful.

More Eva

Ron said...

Not to continue the threadjack, but Victoria, is that Nana Sundries in the pic?

john said...

"I remember 'er 'er, when I used to chase the girls and beat them up."

Coming from such a nice looking young boy (you know, clean, articulate).

Ann, I think the Intruders is a great name for that band.

vbspurs said...

Nana Sundries

Ah no. :) She was from Austria, not Florida, and looked like Kitty Carlisle Hart when young.

Tried everywhere to look for one of Kitty with marcelled hair. No deal. But here is a modern example, actresss Kate Bosworth. Lovely!


xanthrope said...

I saw Dave Alvin a couple of years ago and band member Chris Gaffney Did CTG. A barely remembered gem.

Unfortunately Mr. Gaffney died recently. He did a great version with Lucinda Williams on his album:

Loser's Paradise [HCD8062]

Here is a video with, I believe it was, The Guilty Men.

Some info:

Seven Years of College Down the Drain said...

Dan Penn's erstwhile songwriting partner was Spooner, not Scooter, Oldham.

Still, great, great songwriters. Great, great stuff.