May 15, 2008

The Google... the internets...

Bush speaks.


Bob said...

Did he mention The Yahoo!?

rhhardin said...

Imus reported that Bush gave up Chinese checkers because of the earthquake, and turned off his pool heater because of the Burma floods ;
in addition to the reported not playing golf on account of the war.

Imus sees soldiers as helpless fluff, the condition he likes everybody in.

Anything else is too complicated for propaganda.

Jake said...

Neither Bush or Obama should speak off the cuff. Both should stick to memorized speeches.

Anonymous said...

"Adults are so busy imagining the ways that technology can improve classroom learning or improve the public debate that they've blinded themselves to the collective dumbing down that is actually taking place. The kids are using their technological advantage to immerse themselves in a trivial, solipsistic, distracting online world at the expense of more enriching activities – like opening a book or writing complete sentences.

Mr. Bauerlein presents a wealth of data to show that young people, with the aid of digital media, are intensely focusing on themselves, their peers and the present moment. YouTube and MySpace, he says, are revealingly named: These and other top Web destinations are "peer to peer" environments in the sense that their juvenile users have populated them with predictably juvenile content. The sites where students spend most of their time "harden adolescent styles and thoughts, amplifying the discourse of the lunchroom and keg party, not spreading the works of the Old Masters.

From: Can U Read Kant

vbspurs said...

That's what my 60-something dad calls it too.

"Are you on The Google?"

(Reminds me of Margaret Cho's mum who referred to gay people as "the gay")

You know, this story details a classic Bush-slip up.

But to seniors who amount to 10 million online users (a pittance) and to those like Kelly Ripa, who continuously claims she doesn't know much about "computers", this needling must really hurt.

And prevent them from wanting to learn, lest they slip up one day too, and their ignorance be revealed.

I know that's my dad's excuse.


AllenS said...

Once in a while I shop at the WalMart.

blake said...

Can you catch the Gay from the Google? And is there a cure at the Walmart? The hell if I know.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bush has been reading Manolo's Shoe Blog. The Manolo aways comments about how the shoes look on the feets of the beautiful womens.

Anonymous said...

I dunno...maybe Bush should get a pass on his insertion of 'the' in front of Google and internet. It's a common usage.

We surf the web. Walk the dog. Go to the store. Check out the knockers on that girl. Eat at the restaurant. Go to the park. Read the newspaper. Post a comment on the Althouse blog. Listen to the radio. Laugh at the joke. Attend the church of our choice. Vote for the candidate we most like. And so forth.

Or maybe not. Beats the hell out of me.