May 8, 2008

"Does it not grate on you that Mrs. Clinton's most staunch supporter, most important backer, has been me, Rush Limbaugh...?"

I love this hilarious, multi-layered flight of humor — in the feminist style:
Ladies, doesn't it all sound too familiar? Once again, a woman is told to put her dreams aside to benefit a man, to benefit a party of men. Obama, a freshman senator who has paid no dues, is treated like anointed royalty; while a hard-working woman who has battled her entire life to break the glass ceiling is treated like a leftover meal, and thrown down the garbage disposal. You know how this feels. You've been in Hillary's shoes. You've seen the pretty boys that come in the office, almost no experience. They glad-hand the boss; they take credit for your work, talk a good game with real specifics, and then what happens? They get promoted while you, the hardworking backbone of the office, are told to go fetch the coffee or set up meetings for these dweebs that couldn't carry your bra if they had to.
Read the whole thing. (Or subscribe and listen to the audio.)


vbspurs said...

Rush Limbaugh is an arch vulgarian. I have never liked him, I've rarely listened to him.

But like all effective debaters he sees the hypocrisies of his opponents, and exploits them for all they are worth.

What he did for Hillary Clinton in this election can not be overstated -- especially since you recall that Howard Stern promised Kerry millions of votes from his blue-collar listeners, to bury Bush.

The same guys who then voted for Bush in droves.



Blue Moon said...

That is exactly what I thought when I heard this.

Does your screen name hint to a love for men named Keane, Berbatov, Gasciogne etc?

Bob said...

There is a moment that proceeds a riot in which someone yells out that insult which causes a situation full of tension to turn ugly. When someone throws more gasoline on a smoldering fire. I think we're there with her decision to continue on. Many women are so invested in this election being "the time for a woman President". Unless Obama choses a woman for VP then they will have a big sense of being robbed by a smooth talker.

vbspurs said...

Blue Moon, my betrothed!

You got it in one. Except you left out Ossie, Teddy, and Sir Bill, but I forgive you. ;)

paul a'barge said...

But womyn have been robbed by a smooth talker. And it's telling that the Democrat party could not dump Hillary fast enough.

And when she fought back relentlessly and fearlessly, what did they say about her? They basically called her a shrew and a bee-yotch. I mean that literally. There have been people who have said that using precisely those terms.

This is exactly what feminists have been saying since Bella Abzug burned her bra.

Let's not go around blaming Rush Limbaugh for gleefully pointing out the truth. The Democrat Party and the Main Stream Media have treated Hillary like a char woman.

Blue Moon said...

Watching old school Spurs' highlights is a joy to behold. Chris Waddle is one of my all-time favorite players.

George M. Spencer said...

He's been in an unusually happy mood in recent weeks.

The Clintons will owe him big time if Hillary wins the nomination.

ricpic said...

Obama: the quintessential dweeb. Sounds right.

Roger J. said...
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Roger J. said...

paul: Did Bella actually burn her bra or just scorth it with an iron. A braless Bella is a fearsome image indeed. Hope her hat was large enough to hide the evidence.

vbspurs said...

Paul wrote:

The Democrat Party and the Main Stream Media have treated Hillary like a char woman.

When the chips were down, she was black balled.

How's that for mixed up similes?

Honestly, though, Hillary was going up against the ultimate trump card in the Liberal canon -- an electable black male.

Some have said her toughest enemy isn't Obama, but history itself.

I guess. When you run as a woman, and not as a leader (unlike Margaret Thatcher or Golda Meir), this is what you get.


Blue Moon said...

As fascinating as this race has been, I think we would have been able to draw more race v. gender conclusions had it been DiFi or Clare McCaskill running rather than Clinton. Then, we wouldn't have to wade through the Clinton part of this whole thing.

Bob said...

"The Democrat Party and the Main Stream Media have treated Hillary like a char woman."

The problem is she has the garnered 49% of primary vote and I'm not so sure women understood they were second in line in the canon. And of course there is that little Clinton scorched earth
approach to politics.

LouisAntoine said...

I'm sure Obama's legions of female supporters could take issue with this.

Limbaugh is still just trying to start something. It was delicious to watch the tremor of fear that passed over the conservative blogs yesterday. Obama scares the crap out of them because they know he can win. Just keep that in mind whenever you take in the bloviations of the Limbaughs and the Kristols out there. All the support for Hillary was pure calculation.

Automatic_Wing said...

You got it in one. Except you left out Ossie, Teddy, and Sir Bill, but I forgive you. ;)

Why no love for Glenn Hoddle? Still upset because he abandoned you for the frogs?

Anonymous said...

Conservatives shouldn't dabble in identity politics; we bring the same natural grace and aplomb to it that Barack Obama brings to bowling. Let's face it, Hillary discarded the gender card in the course of trying to prove her "experience": if we accept the premise that being First Lady is pretty much the same thing as being President, it follows as night follows day that electing the first woman President is no big deal. We've already had plenty of First Ladies.

Bob said...

Roger J - just where do I send the bill from the therapy I now need from that image of Bella braless? Good Lord man don't be planting those images prior to the dinner hour...

I'm not so convinced Obama is the more electable candidate. Its a given that any Obama criticisms will be labeled racist. He's still unvetted and his previous three weeks performance leads me to believe he's got a glass jaw.

Still I (and others) are going to be wondering just how much of his support in polls of white voters will evaporate on election day. Bill's race baiting comments has laid that groundwork. I would have much preferred to see Powell as first black on a Presidential ticket (Prez or VP) as he had an impressive resume. Obama's so thin on his record. If Obama loses in election I think the left wing racism charges is not going to be the racial dialogue promised...

rcocean said...

I love Althouse's interest in Rush, it will drive the netroots (aka wingnuts) crazy.

holdfast said...

"All the support for Hillary was pure calculation."

D'uh - ya think? It was certainly worth a try and entertaining to boot.

michael farris said...

Hillary isn't the first older female politician Obama's had to push aside.

In discussing Obama vs Clinton, I'm surprised that the Alice Palmer story doesn't get more play, a former Obama mentor most recently seen campaigning for Clinton.

You can make a case for him doing what he did then, but it does make him seem a little more like a down and dirty Chicago politician than Sir Changealot.

Ironically, a down and dirty Chicago politician (with the right goals) would probably make a better president than an idealistic reformer.

chickelit said...

Having been rejected by a white older liberal female as a child, perhaps he harbors a deep-seated resentment towards them. Explains why he betrayed his grandmother too.

blake said...

I'm with Victoria as far as Rush goes. Though the excerpt was wicked (in a good way).

Gotta disagree with Montagne, in that I've seen far more fear from the right that supporting Hil(l)ary may result in her getting the nom.

I don't see how anyone could know, frankly. It's a matter who hates who more. If the conservative base hates Hil(l)ary more than McCain than they might turn out for him unless Obama wins the nomination and they might vote for Obama (hope! change!) but then Hil(l)ary's supporters might vote for McCain to spite Obama or they might stay home...

Aren't we all just guessing right about now?

vbspurs said...

Obama scares the crap out of them because they know he can win.

With the Dukakis coalition of white elites, black people, and the young?

Do Democrats really and truly think that? You know, more and more I realise they don't see what is coming.

And it's right in front of their face. Incredible.


blake said...

You know, more and more I realise they don't see what is coming.

The worst part, IMO, is that one of these two sets of buffoons is going to lose less badly--and they'll take that as validation of their policies!

Mitch H. said...

Montagne, speaking as a small-bore conservative who actually *did* vote for Satan-in-a-pantsuit, let me assure you that it isn't just that I thought that Obama would be harder to beat. I'm not sure if he will be, or not. He's too much of a cipher to be certain about anything about him. Which is why, in a heads-up between Hillary Milhaus Clinton and BHO, I was always for the Milhaus. We've lived through eight years of Clinton. They're a known quantity. We know what we'll get with them, and it isn't the end of the Republic. A few more steps closer to the edge, yes, but "there's much ruin in a nation".

Obama, on the other hand, might be the real deal. He could be worse than Carter, worse than Wilson, worse than Hoover. Who knows? In a choice between losing fast, and losing slow, I'll go with losing slow.

Of course, I'd prefer winning to either choice, which is why I'll be voting for the Ugly American come the fall. Let's hear it for the Old Bastard!