May 4, 2008

Did you miss me?

Thanks for keeping things alive here in the comments yesterday, which was a 1 post day for me. Haven't had a 1 post day in a long time. Since beginning, I've never had a 0 post day — and will make a great effort to avoid ever having one — but I think it's good occasionally to leave it at 1 — especially on a Saturday. It was the second to the last Saturday of my sojourn in New York City.


AllenS said...

Will there be pictures of your adventure yesterday?

Meade said...

It wouldn't be so bad if every time you disappeared like that RHHardin didn't take it as license to make us watch him mow his lawn, force us to read stupid essays, and let his dogs jump up and slobber all over our bicycle trailers.

rhhardin said...

No photos today until later. I don't want to bother the neighbors with early morning blade peening on Sunday.

Bissage said...

It was the second to the last Saturday of my sojourn in New York City.

Who exactly is this Sister Sojourn person and why do so many people who care about politics keep expecting politicians to have one of her moments?



Jeff with one 'f' said...

You should have a farewell meet-up- I missed the first one!

rhhardin said...

Meade, the morning swath.

I'll probably do another one along the opposite side of the yard this evening, to keep it sort of neat by the neighbors on each side first. A jungle in the middle isn't such an eyesore, if it develops.

Rooster doing something that roosters do.

Nature photo without cherry blossoms.

God knows what people find to do in the city.