May 31, 2008

"Bleary-eyed and somewhat bedraggled... five and a half hours... 'felt like five and a half weeks."

That was last night. The real fight is today, as the Democrats struggle to find a way through the Florida and Michigan problem.


rhhardin said...

There's probably some unifying procedural move they can use in Robert's Rules.

JSF said...

The underlying theme of Modern Democrats today is that they brook no dissension (i.e. Sen Zell Miller or Senator Lieberman), they do not support Democracy overseas (i.e Iraq) and to make sure there is no dissnsion or Democracy in their ranks, they created the Superdelegates.

Now, when MI and FL (or as Russert says 'Florida, Florida, Florida') had a date change(by State Republicans), the Rules Committee of the Democratic Party, which brooks no dissension, said both states votes do not count.

The proposal on the table matches what the GOP did earlier this year. Why is it, that the GOP, called fascists, and in lcokstep (but strange how our "maverick" is on top of the ticket and not thrown out of the party) cut half the delegates and said "Winner Take all," and there were no problems.

The Rules Committee of a Party structure should not be the highlight of an election, the voters should be. But since Democrats brook no dissension, this is not the case.

blake said...

There's really only one fair thing to do:

Call it. Heads or tails?