April 18, 2008

"Secure," "confidential" plans for the WTC Freedom Tower...

... found by a homeless man in a street trash bin at West Houston and Sullivan Streets.


rhhardin said...

Confidential is a pretty low security grade.

rhhardin said...

``The Holy Father will be coming so First Avenue will be closed at the 40s.''

More New York news genre, on WABC.

Simon said...

From the story:
"Experts said the detailed, floor-by-floor schematics contain enough detail for terrorists to plot a devastating attack."

I've some fair compelling evidence that says that the amount of detail required to plot a devastating attack ain't that high.

The Drill SGT said...

From the story:
"Experts said the detailed, floor-by-floor schematics contain enough detail for terrorists to plot a devastating attack."

yea, if you think that the WTC attacks were done with a couple of tons of thermite wrapped on girders or 10 tons on c4 on pilings, then you'd want plans again (oh, that was the Mossad that did that job? they already had the plans from the vast world-wide Jewish cabal /sarc off)

The guys that did attacks on the WTC didn't need no stinking plans. They just relied on Sappper Rule 1.

Few demolitions have failed because of too much explosive. When in doubt, double it.

MadisonMan said...

Looks like they're trying to sell papers!

From Inwood said...

I agree with rhh @7:40 & Simon.

One of my sons-in-law, the physicist, gave me for XMAS The Works: Anatomy of A City, a detailed Baedeker of the infra structure of NYC. This book, available on Amazon, would be quite valuable for terrorists, methinks.

Point: In a free society, a lot of info is available without governmental restraint to would-be evil doers at a minimal dollar cost; I doubt that what the poor wretch found would not be ultimately available elsewhere to the bad guys. My guess: This find is not as good as the battle plans found in various wars.

Makes a good tabloid headline, however.

hdhouse said...

Hold on: Breaking news! ditit ditit ditit

The secretary of Homeland Security, Mr. Walkingcorpse is announcing the thwarting of a terrorist plot in NYC. A rogue terrorist, identified in 1983 wiretaps as "the drifter", was caught red-handed with detailed plans of the new WTC area building. The terrorist, now positively linked to a clandestined meeting in Prague with former WTC terrorist Atta and perhaps as many as 2,000 Iranian terrorists, jammed a hotel room and rung up a 40,000 bill (USD of course!) discussing the plans.

When arrested in NYC this terrorist, posing as a homeless street-guy claimed to have found these plans in a trashcan. Sources close to the whitehouse have indicated that this trashcan is a know terrorist "drop", formerly frequented by the KGB and now being run by Iranian dissidents from Detroit.

VP Cheny has fled to triple dog dare ya' secret location and Mr. Bush has retreated to the presidential library where he is coordinating the response behind a pile of the 60s bestseller "none dare call it treason" (all 300,000 whitehouse copies) so he will be safe from the WMD dirty bomb when it comes.