April 21, 2008

Okay, everybody, elbows up!

Bascom Mall with Inflatable Bucky

Inflatable Bucky is here on Bascom Mall today:

Bascom Mall with Inflatable Bucky

Wiggle around:

Bascom Mall with Inflatable Bucky

He's got free doughnuts. And — in musical form, at least — tequila:

IN THE COMMENTS: george says:
Your god, he is large and inflatable.

We of the internet, too, raise our elbows in a moment of silent respect.
As well you should. Does your school have a better idol? You know, I was driving to work this morning, radio tuned to XM 60s on 6 (as usual), and they were playing The Beach Boys singing "Be True to Your School." Listen here and pay attention at 1:14. Does your school have a better song? The answer is no!

titusyourmoma says:
Does inflatable Bucky do or represent anything or is he just for school spirit?

Inflatable Bucky will fulfill your wildest dreams... if you truly believe... and raise your elbows in a moment of silent respect.

Middle class guy says:
Free doughnuts? The fat police have not arrived in Madison yet?
We flout authority.

Madisonman say:
Wow — you can open your window. I'm jealous.
I'm going to make a list of 10 things I like most about New York (which I return to today) and 10 things I like least. Not being able to open my office windows might make the least-liked list.
All that noise would be very distracting.
Well, there isn't a marching band playing out there all the time. You know, from my house, I hear the marching band when it practices and when it plays at the stadium.

And speaking of doughnuts, why did Ozzy give up for doughnuts?


George M. Spencer said...

Your god, he is large and inflatable.

We of the internet, too, raise our elbows in a moment of silent respect.

titusyourmoma said...

Good morning fellow republicans.

Happy Patriots Day.

It is the Boston Marathon.

Does inflatable Bucky do or represent anything or is he just for school spirit?

Peter V. Bella said...

Free doughnuts? The fat police have not arrived in Madison yet?

MadisonMan said...

Wow -- you can open your window. I'm jealous.

All that noise would be very distracting.

Ron said...

That settles it! I'm posting a pic of myself in Michigan shorts lounging on the Diag!

Original Mike said...

MM said: Wow -- you can open your window. I'm jealous.

Wow - you have a window. I'm even more jealous.

donostiarra said...

The doughnut selection was pretty slim, at least on the mall in front of Engineering Hall. But I got a tasty cinnamon roll with white frosting on top. And strawberry milk.

And MCG, I'm not sure what will happen when the fat police eventually show up here. The doughnuts will probably get the boot, but they may have to carve out a special exemption for brats or face some civil unrest among the populace.

Ron said...

Every time you play "On Wisconsin" you make Paul McCartney richer!

Anonymous said...

I believe the phrase "okay everybody, elbows up" was part of a drinking song we sang during the late 60's at the Kollege Klub near the UW campus.

I don't recall if Inflatable Bucky was ever at the KK, but do know that Elroy Hirsch was often there in his role as UW's athletic director (nudge nudge wink wink).

AllenS said...

Well, at least they weren't serving onion rings.

JohnAnnArbor said...

Does your school have a better song?

Yep. Although a friend of mine thought she was in a fascist rally the first time she saw a crowd sing "The Victors."

Original Mike said...

"Hail to the Victors"? I always thought it was "Jail to the Victors".

sean said...

Well, our mascot is bulldog, and our fight songs were written by Cole Porter. So there!

I must admit, however, that our team could hardly appear on the same field as Wisconsin's.

Ralph L said...

That grass is GREEN. I thought you just had snow.

My azaleas are fading, and a third of them didn't bloom because of last year's drought. On the plus side, it seems to have killed the boxwood leaf miners.

Trooper York said...

Well when I was in Pace University downtown in the '70's our mascot was a beaver. Of course the beaver belonged to Carmen Soto from the Doll House, and many an elbow was raised in her honor.

And she definately wasn't inflatable!

George M. Spencer said...

Boola, boola, Sean.

I hate parading my serenading, but my school rocks. It's the top.

Anything goes, particularly when you get your corn from a jar.

rhhardin said...

So, what's the school motto? The thing under the beaver on the notebook covers.

LutherM said...

"On Wisconsin" - a great song, good video.
(1) Where is the video of "Varsity" ?
(2) "Hail to the Victors" "also great and would suffice" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EF--ldYIBnM&feature=related

titusyourmoma said...

I would not lie about this...

RISD-Rhode Island School of Design's mascot is "Scrotie". He is a big penis with balls and veins and performs at the hockey games.

Google him. He is adorable.

titusyourmoma said...

Also, the RISD hockey team is called "The Nads".

"Go Nads"

Get it.

Trooper York said...

The best college cheer was when Brooklyn's own Fly Williams was the shooting guard for Austin Peay University. The cheer went;

"Fly is open, let's go Peay!"

titusyourmoma said...

You can see some of the more vulgar UW-Madison sports fans wearing shirts that say, "fuck em bucky".

I would never do that though because I have class.

titusyourmoma said...

Badgers are actually thought of as very grumpy animals.

A badger would not be a good pet.

Neither would a wolverine-they are bitchy too.

A boilermaker though can be a good friend on a cold winter night.

Revenant said...

Does your school have a better idol?

UCSD has The Sun God.

Trooper York said...

I do have a collection of college and minor leauge baseball caps. One of my favorites is the one for Florida University whose logo is a simple understated interlocking FU.

titusyourmoma said...

What's with all the rat type animals for mascots in the big ten?

Golden Gophers

And what is a Hoosier and a Buckeye and a Boilermaker and a Nittany Lion and a Hawkeye and a Wildcat?

I know what a Spartan is-they are hot.

Trooper York said...

Don't forget your Trojans.

And I mean that sincerely.

KCFleming said...

In college, our intramural basketball team was The Visitors.

Some of the best team names are cited here, including the Hickman Kewpies and a local favorite (and worst mascot ever) the Blooming Prairie Awesome Blossoms.

I like the Watersmeet Nimrods.

My Dad's teams would cheer,
rah rah ree
kick 'em in the knee
rah rah rass
kick 'em in the other knee.

Now you have to menstruate in art class to get the thrill of being sorta naughty.

titusyourmoma said...

I like South Carolina's mascot.

Gamecocks or just cocks.

Palladian said...


Trooper York said...

Now the University of Connecticut has the nickname of the Huskies. Their great woman's basketball team is called the Lady Huskies. I once saw the captain of team kick the shit out of a guy at Oriel’s on 32nd Street when he kept calling her a Husky Lady instead of a Lady Huskies. Imus was lucky he picked on the right school. Those broads don't fool around let me tell you!

titusyourmoma said...

See look at that picture of the badger Palladian has shared.

They are bitches. It looks like a frend of mine when she is at a gay bar. All full of attitude and pissed.

titusyourmoma said...

Stephen Hawkins is on Cspan right now talking to a crowd.

titusyourmoma said...

I am sorry it is Hawking.

titusyourmoma said...

He's into space travel.

No talk of Badgers though. If he brings up Badgers I will let you know.

I bet a Badger coat would be kind of cute.

Trooper York said...

Jeeez that's a badger. I thought it was a photo of Camille Paglia having an orgasm.

titusyourmoma said...

That's hilarious Trooper.

titusyourmoma said...

She wasn't having an orgasm she was just looking at a man.

Trooper York said...

Well she was in the dirt and I know she likes it dirty. Just sayn'

Triangle Man said...

Allen, onion rings are widely available, but not as popular as deep fried beer battered cheese curds.

titusyourmoma said...

I love deep fried beer battered cheese curds-so Wisconsin.

I also love deep fried corn fritters which is you can get at some of the finer "Supper Clubs" in Wisconsin.

I absolutely love Supper Clubs.

Does anyone know the genesis of The Supper Club?

titusyourmoma said...

Can you eat Badger?

Is a Badger considered a rodent like a large rat?

titusyourmoma said...

Where do Badgers live?

So many Badger questions.

So little time.

OHHh someone out my window car is playing Stevie Wonder-fabulous.

Trooper York said...

Can you eat Badger?

Now you are definitely talking about Camille Paglia. And like the professor said, why would you order fish so far away from the ocean.

titusyourmoma said...

It's purdy there in Wisconsin today too.

Just got off the phone with mom and she said it was 75.

I purchased her a new Apple when I was home and she got it installed today. She was very excited. Now she can take it with her wherever she goes. That is the kind of nice some I am. I made sure to give it to her at dindin when my sisters were there. They were all pissy and jealous.

titusyourmoma said...

Trooper is on fire today.

You can get good fish from the lakes in Wisconsin though.

titusyourmoma said...

It's kind of hard to watch Stephen Hawking talk.

titusyourmoma said...

I love Ellen Bursteyn's character in Requiem for a Dream.

Also, Jennifer Connolly is so fricking hot. She's live in Brooklyn.

Beth said...

Bucky's cute.

We're the Privateers, and our mascot is a cartoony alligator dressed up in a pirate suit: Lafitte, the Instigator. We also have some sneering pirate guy that appears on t-shirts and coffee cups. Maybe he's Jean LaFoot?

Original Mike said...

Is a Badger considered a rodent like a large rat?


Anthony said...

A badger is a mustelid. A form of weasel, sad to say.

There's a Badger in that first photo? I really hadn't noticed.

titusyourmoma said...

Althouse has Badger Pride.

Chip Ahoy said...

Regis College has no football team. Its official mascot is, get this, pride. Now this creates something of a conflict for a religious institution, dunnit? Because pride goeth before the autumn. I mean fall.

The postman showed up in shorts today. I believe wishful thinking prevailed over better judgement.

Superdad said...

On Wisconsin - great school song

Varsity - great sorta school song

But when you can get 80,000 fans and the football team to jump at the direction of three white rappers from Ireland you know you've got a song.