April 10, 2008

Oh, no!

Did you watch "American Idol"? One of my favorites is out. Pretty mean the way Ryan threw a little fake hope before pronouncing the sentence. Spoil away in the comments.

AND: Here's the elimination announcement. Shocking... and then cruel. But "American Idol" is all about cruelty. Except when they are helping people. They did the "Give Back" charity thing this week, and here's the video of Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama doing their part. It's very easy to rank those 3 performances: 1. McCain, 2. Obama, 3. Hillary. McCain was funny. Obama was a little loose, if sanctimonious, but he said his 2 daughters were big fans of the show. (Probably rooting for Archuleta, don't you think?) And Hillary was plodding and earnest.


MadisonMan said...

Good riddance! No more shrieking falsetto. This is probably all good news for David Cook too -- I think he'll pick up the Michael Johns fans. Pick good songs is the lesson that should be learned.

Ascot sales will now plummet.

Can I point out (brag) that I called the bottom 3 here?

kimsch said...


Ann Althouse said...

He was 4th from the bottom on DialIdol. I was pretty surprised, based on that. From the actual singing... it wasn't good. Especially that horrible high stuff.

Revenant said...

I thought McCain's timing on the Michigan/Florida joke was way off. Plus he was the only one of the three to directly mention an unrelated political issue (immigration).

I'd have to rank it Obama, McCain, Hillary -- she seemed really disinterested and stilted. All three were pretty lame, though.

Swifty Quick said...

McCain was funny when he brought up immigration, referencing Simon.

Michael Johns was overhyped and overpuffed. He was just not that good.

al said...

McCain made me laugh - till I remembered his open borders approach to immigration.

Michael Johns picked the wrong song. There was no way he was going to hit those notes.

Anyone notice that the Idol Singers used the correct lyrics for "Shout to the Lord" on Thursday instead of the slightly changed version from Wednesday?

knox said...

I was surprised they had them sing such a blatantly Christian song. That always seems to rub Simon the wrong way.

PatCA said...

Michael Johns has a good voice but he needs a band or something--he is not compelling like David Cook.

As to the candidates: Hillary invoked "collectively" and Obama said we should "make America a more fair and equal place."

I guess they figure AI fans are socialists?

McCain irked me. His real immigration policy is not funny.

PatCA said...

"I was surprised they had them sing such a blatantly Christian song."

I know! I kept expecting the PC police to storm in and shut the place down.

But in Hwood, the code is, gospel singing in the presence of or by African Americans is okay.