April 27, 2008

A modern place.

Here's a big fisheye overview of the "modern life" section of the Brooklyn Museum of Art:

Modern room at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

Go here for a full size version of this and zoom in on that nice painting — by Dana Schultz — of a young woman peering into her computer. I like that. There aren't enough paintings of computers!

Now, I loved this Art Deco dressing table (and not just because I could wheedle a self-portrait out of it):

Modern room at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

And there was this excellent aluminum portable record player from the 1930s — an "RCA Victor Special":

1930s record player

Beautiful space:

Modern room at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

Here's their virtual tour.


dannyboy said...

Art museums are great places for picking up hot chicks. I met this knock out babe at the Met back in 1997. She was really into the Greco-Roman thing which I thought was pretty cool. Half an hour of talking about Athens then it was off to a pub for steamed mussels and a nice stout. She really knew her Greek history and she was no slouch in the sack either.

ricpic said...

Girl At Her Computer

Hell in a handbasket
Everything goes to
When like Fido to vomit
She to screen is addicted.

memomachine said...


1. It is a very nice space.

2. What is all that ugly crap on the walls? Art?

I'm in the wrong profession.

3. There's frankly something rather creepy about people who talk up sexual conquests in other people's blogs.

In such instances the vibe I really get is a balding middle-aged man whose last date was his prom.

J said...

"She was really into the Greco-Roman thing"

"no slouch in the sack either"

Wouldn't she have to slouch a little bit for gre... Oh never mind - memomachine's "vibe" is probably correct.

RCA should be selling a USB version of that record player.