April 19, 2008


Shortribs. My favorite.


rhhardin said...

Mmmm Salad. My usual.

Donna B. said...

gnocchi. gnocchi good.

blogging cockroach said...

finally a post about something i care about

no disrespect but all the other posts lately have not been about food
i mean living near haavad squeah ive seen enough protests
its terrible about tibet but protests scare me
all those feet stomping around and little me
trying to find a crack in a wall somewhere

but back to the blog
all this self referential stuff about blogging
and all this political stuff about o h m
all the time o h m
thats obama hillary mccain
its also a unit of electrical resistance
most of us are now into campaign resistance
we will be shorted out by november buzz frrt zap

no i want to talk about food
mom here in the house where i live is french
so she spends a lot of time on food
and i swear she has made that same dinner
with the asparagus shortribs and polenta
except the asperge were the little expensive french ones
i got some of the juice-soaked polenta stuck to the plates

polenta is great and deserves to be better known
as an alternative to boring potatoes or pasta
and the little soft grains are bite sized pieces just right for me
just be sure to scrape the plates soon after dinner
and wash them asap
and dont go off and get all teary eyed
about an obama speech on tv like mom did
and no one dealt with the dishes because they were worshipping obama
otherwise i will pay a little visit and have another fabulous dinner
like titus has fabulous dinners
except he gets to eat his first
and doesn't have to listen to mom talking in french
on the phone to her friends about how cute obama is

i was going to talk more about food
but this is getting too long
i should thank obama for the polenta though
and next time i will tell you about moms pot-de-feu
which was all hillarys fault.

hdhouse said...

I gather you know Virgil's in the 40s between 6th and 7th?

Ann Althouse said...

I get shortribs at 2 very nice restaurants that are a short walk from my apartment: Le Petit Marché and Jack the Horse Tavern. It's a little late in my NY stay to hear about a new restaurant, but, noted.