April 24, 2008

I left my apartment building at 6:30 to go for a walk, and right in front was a tour bus unloading a crowd.

They were here to see the sunset from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

The view from my corner, with silhouetted tour-bus crowd:

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

It was 72° and beautifully clear, not that clearness makes for the prettiest sunset. It doesn't. But the promenade was crowded with people and doggies:

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

I walked to the end of the promenade and turned onto a side street. It seemed as though everyone in the world was walking a dog:

Brooklyn chihuahua

UPDATE: At 10:40, I was sitting out on my terrace, watching the newly downloaded episode of "America's Next Top Model" and glancing up from time to time at the city lights, and suddenly there was a fireworks display out on Liberty Island. I have no idea what the occasion was. Surely, it wasn't the last day of classes, though that was an occasion for me. Perhaps you imagine all the lawprofs out on the town carousing the night after the last day of classes. But no, I was spending a quiet evening at home in my temporary home in Brooklyn Heights, but someone, somewhere, put on a fireworks display that I could fantasize was a celebration of the beginning of my lusciously 4-month-long summer. Yes, there are exams and many other tasks to accomplish, but still: It's summer.


Trooper York said...

Wait a minute, was that Ashley Olsen at the end of that leash?

At least she wasn't urinating.

dannyboy said...

Man those Olsen twins are over rated. Both got that bug eyed thing going.

At least the little twerps don't dress alike like. I think parents who do that to their twin kids need their asses kicked.

I went for a run today and there was some serious tang on the trail. Birds singin, flowers bloomin, pony tails a bouncin.

It just doesn't get any better.

rhhardin said...

Dogless Althouse.

The view from my corner Tuesday evening.

Bubble hovers by tree, the survivor of a set for carriaged baby.

It's like a miniature city out here.

JohnAnnArbor said...

That's not a dog.

former law student said...

That's not a dog.

Agree 100%. Any animal that can fit in a purse is not a dog.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Well done, good and faithful law prof. Now enter into your Madisonian reward.

MadisonMan said...

The big storm last night put the dog in the bed. That's something to consider when you get a dog. Every time a night thunderstorm comes crashing through, little fido shakes with fear.

gophermomeh said...

Ahhh, the summer off. What a glorious thought. Alas, I can only relate to it as a student...and many years ago. It was one of the hardest things to get used to after graduation. And 'The Kid' is lamenting her first lost summer, having just started up her second semester, over in Germany...

And it might snow, here, on Sunday...

former law student said...

The Kid' is lamenting her first lost summer, having just started up her second semester, over in Germany

Young whippersnapper who gets to study abroad: "Man, that caviar tastes so fishy. And the cognac burns my throat."

Crusty baby boomer: "When I was her age we didn't have no second semester in Germany. It was the local vo-tech or Vietnam."

rhhardin said...

fido shakes with fear

Don't let fido know that he's had a bad time. The first thunderstorm is a good time for a game he likes.

It is a very bad time for sympathy and concern.

Even better, if he's being seriously trained (I would call the Koehler method serious training), a storm he fears is an excellent distraction for stuff he knows, be it recalls or downstays or heeling.

It knocks the fear right out. He's being held accountable for formal exercises, and it strengthens those as well as eliminating the bogus fear.

Two of my Dobermans were seriously alarmed by hot air balloons. So whenever one went over, we went out and practiced heeling. Problem solved, and heel improved, making the dog safer against all distractions.

MadisonMan said...

The problem is that Madison gets many thunderstorms about 1-3 AM. Not a time to play with or train the dog.

But I'll have to bring out a ball the next time a thunderstorm rolls through during the day.