April 10, 2008

Fog fantasy.

Fog Fantasy


rhhardin said...

Ohio Fall fog with color (Norway Maple + Smooth Sumac).

Anonymous said...

That fog looks like a thumb.

I suppose digital photography has largely eliminated the good old thumb-on-the-lens photos of old. This might have something to do with the position of the lens on the camera, or that if you do take a thumb-lenser, you know it right away and can re-take. But still, I liked bad old photos with obvious obstructions. Whatever it was that was in those photos, they were too important to throw away just because half the picture or so was obscured by a big fleshy blur. You needed that picture of Aunt Mildred asleep on the couch while the dog sniffed her toe. Or maybe I was just a careless photographer. Ho-hum.

rhhardin said...

You can get excellent, top-grade foggy night photos by taking a perfectly sharp picture of a building lit at night, and running the enlarger up the track as you expose the print paper.

The initial exposure, in focus, is the building itself, and the running-up-the-track exposure gives the impression of building light on ``fog,'' with automatically correct converging line geometry.

But that's for a general London-type fog, not this snakey thing over the river.

Sissy Willis said...

Mmm. Nice.

reader_iam said...


I wish it were just foggy here. (Pouring!) A big hole** has opened in our brick street, and from what we can tell, there's nothing but mud underneath. It's visibly expanding, and the street at the point visibly sinking.

**I actually had to move my car down the block a bit. Wow.

Rain, rain go away!

Richard Dolan said...

Walking over the bridge this morning, the Manhattan skyline was seen through the fog rather than rising about it as in your shot. It was the perfect picture of a modern-day Valhalla (assuming the gods have investment-banker like portfolios and can still afford it).

ricpic said...

Proud Towers Versus Persistent Fog

Out of confusion, clarity, rising so assured
You'd think that doubt had been outlawed;
But when the sun its full course has secured
Certainty by dark doubt once more is immured.

Revenant said...

Very nice pictures.

blake said...

Did you make this of the former picture, with some retouching? It looks unreal. (Actually the former one does too, at least to someone who's living where it was in the 90s today....)