April 23, 2008

Deal or No Deal.


MadisonMan said...

People in government shouldn't be on TV shows. I am reminded of Henry Kissinger on Dynasty. This wasn't as bad as that.

It was very nice for the Producers to acknowledge the soldier's work. I wonder if this was the most meaningful way to do it, though.

Ron said...

Nothing will ever top Nixon on Laugh-In! "Sock it to me?"

George said...

Whaddabout LBJ lifting his beagle by its ears?

Or LBJ talking to ex-astronaut SeaLab diver Scott Carpenter who sounds like Mickey Mouse on helium!

The operator thinks it's a prank!

"We have to have clear connection for the President!"

"Commander Carpenter is in a synthetic gas atmosphere...I think the President will understand."

"He's in a what....?"

rhhardin said...

The show is stupid. Bush was okay though.

T Mack said...

Speaking of deals awsome agrumentive aperity Ann Althouse, how come you don't have a tip jar?
I would tip sometimes.
Then you can validly claim your a paid reporter and thus get the privileges of "professional" reporters in court.

T Mack said...

PS Who has best described you using only words that start with "A"?

Lindsay said...

I can't believe you posted this and haven't posted on last night's American Idol.

Andrew Lloyd Webber was a fantastic guest -- he provided really excellent feedback to everyone (except maybe David Cook -- he just made him feel really uncomfortable by asking him to look into Sir Andrew's eyes like he was a beautiful 17-year-old girl). Awk-ward.

Nihimon said...

There's a PayPal button on the main page.

Didn't David Cook sound fantastic? Also, for the first time, I really liked what David Archuleta did; he made "Think of Me" sound like a *good* current pop song.

Trooper York said...

I thought my girl Syesha knocked it out of the park. That was one sexy smokey number.

It's Chris's favorite Brooke or Castro who is out tonight. Even the Irish twat did good last night.

Ann Althouse said...

I love Castro. Don't send him home!

I think at this point the men are the best. Let all the women go home. The last woman standing will remain only because she is a woman.

vbspurs said...

I refuse to click on this Youtube viddie, because I won't be dragged into pop culture television. :P

But I'd just like to say that this lack of replying to Althouse's more enjoyable, light-hearted threads is beginning to worry me.

Maybe it's just this week, because of the PA primary, but even the penis-snatching thread got a handful of replies.

Almost nothing for Roberts, the flying priest (made-for-tv movie to star Sally Field), and JUST SIXTEEN REPLIES FOR THE SQUIRRELS.

People, Althouse and squirrels are synonymous! What's wrong with youse?


Zachary Paul Sire said...

Syesha was fabulous! I am a new fan. An actual personality on Idol instead of some contrived former failure...very refreshing.

David Archuleta is manufactured and soooo awkward. His robotic hand movements and stage presence, his by-the-numbers vocal stylings that repeat week after week. Ugh. I've said it before and will say it again...he's a male, singing version of Jon Benet Ramsey. Ever see his creepy stage dad in the audience? Yikes.

Jason Castro is the most beautiful person currently on television.

The rest of them can tie themselves to 1000 balloons and float away never to be seen again as far as I'm concerned.

vbspurs said...

After reading a hint on the AI thread, I succumbed and watched it, WOW!


My God, I almost died when I saw him. And did you hear the cheers?? Why ON EARTH didn't he make these appearances before?

Like his daughter's Jenna on the Ellen show, this just humanises him tremendously. Heck, I'd say that about any American president.


Freeman Hunt said...

rhhardin nailed it.

I can't watch Deal or No Deal. The contestants are too irrational. It vexes me.

MadisonMan said...

Syesha was fabulous! I am a new fan. An actual personality on Idol instead of some contrived former failure

We'll see next week if she lets personality out again. Normally it's RoboSyesha singing, programmed to belt it out.