April 7, 2008

"Clinton and her husband, Bill Clinton, were furious with Penn..."

Penn's out — ironically, for being right about something.


George said...

"Clinton officials stressed that Penn's departure came about because of a lapse in judgment, not because of differences over campaign strategy."

"President Lincoln stressed that the departures of Generals McClellan, Burnside, Hooker and Meade came about because of lapses in judgment, not because of differences over campaign strategy. Their replacement, General Grant, is said to be a drunkard."

SteveR said...

Penn had been a polarizing figure within the Clinton campaign for months because of his personality as well as his strategic vision

"Personality"... being an obnoxious jerk is a good qualification for working for the Clintons but only when they are winning.

Middle Class Guy said...

He was also staunchly pro-Israel. Hillary Clinton has been a staunch supporter os so called Palestinian rights. She even made derogatory comments about the Jews during her husbands administration regarding the so called Palestinians.

MadisonMan said...

The thing I find most interesting: Clinton and her husband are both furious. I can see why Hillary might be furious -- she's running in a tight race. But Bill Clinton is also furious about a faux pas in Hillary's campaign staff? Wasn't Penn doing something that underscores how the Free Trace pact the Bill Clinton pushed can work?


Trevor Jackson said...

Your post is confusing. What was Penn right about? He's out because the conflict of interest finally was too blatant to ignore. Are you saying he's right to support the Colombian free trade agreement? He was paid to. Of course, he was also paid to help a candidate who nominally opposes this deal. What he believes or doesn't believe is immaterial.