March 5, 2008

"Wearing a grungy yellow hoody and sweatpants, greasy hair pulled back, and no makeup to conceal her splotchy skin..."

"... as she shoveled food into her bloated face, it's hard to imagine the former bombshell that looked so much like her mother."

That, my friends, is mainstream journalism, the Daily News, not some blog, and the subject of that writing is a photograph of Lisa Marie Presley. Presley happens to be wearing her perfectly decent hair in the traditionally respectable style of the ponytail. Like many other women her age — 40 — she has a protruding abdomen. She's wearing what appears to be a clean sweatshirt and screwing the lid onto a bottle of water. There is no food in the picture, and Ms. Presley looks reasonably well put together with glamorous sunglasses and gold hoop earrings. The writer of the article, Leah Chernikoff, informs us that her father was quite fat when he died at age 42.

Fortunately, the comments slam Chernikoff. Here are the first 8:
  1. Someone is an unemployed journalism grad school grad... Hahahaha sucka. Go blog about it.
  2. How can a Daily News journalist take themself seriously with this cr@p? Excuse me, I used the word journalist. Is this a newspaper or the Enquirer?
  3. What is she eating in that picture? What a sow.
  4. That ain't Lisa Marie in the photo. That's Leah Chernikoff!
  5. You rotten hearted, bottom-of-the barrel tabloid ********. You bunch of old men with your fat bellies and bald heads, acting like hens clucking over someone's looks. You have the eye of hundreds of thousands of people, and this is what you choose to print.
  6. What is her crime and why is her weight our business? That is just totally rude. I'm almost as interested in Lisa Marie's size as I am in Britney's lifestyle. Leave them alone and give us a break from nonsense. You just sound like a jealous ****.
  7. I expect this from the NY Post, not this paper. So much for that. This paper has gone down hill.
  8. Another Daily "We Wanna be the Post" News douche bag story. When did Zuckerman sell the paper to Murdock?

UPDATE: Lisa Marie is, in fact, pregnant. And now, she's suing.


George said...

Celeb pix are a prime driver of growth in a segment of declining print media.

Britney Spears..."has been "amazing" for [the magazine] OK!'s business. Publisher Tom Morrisy said Spears drives newsstand sales and helped the magazine's ad revenue more than double to $51 million in 2007. OK! expects to turn a profit in 2008, three years after breaking into the market."

Some say it is art.

Pogo said... rumored to be pregnant

What a crappy job, to write drivel like that, mocking a woman who may be pregnant for no longer being svelte.

I agree with Cintra Wilson, Celebrity is a Grotesque Crippling Disease.

ricpic said...

The Post headlines are for the mostpart quite witty, rarely vicious and plodding in the manner of the News.

HughE Dillon said...

This is what I wrote:
SHE'S PREGNANT IDIOT!! You're a women and you and critizizing another women for being heavy, you are the problem in this industry. What people will do for a paycheck. What do you look like? Google LEAH CHERNIKOFF and find out.

Brian said...

I would like this change to modern journalisms "ethics";

if you write negatively on the physical attributes of a subject, you should have a direct link to a comparable picture of yourself.

if you write negatively on education or academic problems of a public figure, they your records should be made public.

Its only fair right? It is not like most of these writers are gasbags who sit at a desk most of the day and compare their wit to the Algonquin round table.

Kurt said...

Brian, I like your objective of fairness, but I don't like the idea that the beautiful or brilliant get a free pass to criticize others.

I think the more usual criterion suffices: is the critical observation relevant? In this case, are Presley's looks relevant? If the subject matter is celebrity gossip, I guess so.

Beth said...

I saw this same story yesterday and expected some awful wreck of a woman to appear when I clicked on the link. Instead, there was a perfectly lovely woman in her 40s; true, she's not a walking candy apple whose head outweighs her torso, but that's not really normal, that's what Hollywood has convinced itself is normal.

As for her mother, has anyone seen her lately? She's had so much plastic surgery she could be starring in "Brazil." What is it with those plastic cheekbone inserts, huge puffy lips and tightly drawn eye sockets?

Pogo said...

What is it with those plastic cheekbone inserts, huge puffy lips and tightly drawn eye sockets?

Nothing says "sexy" like the undead.

Fen said...

Ha. Nice pic Pogo. Reminds me of the ad for Real Desperate Housewives - NYC. Comparing them to the women in previous episodes of OC, I felt something was wrong, but couldn't put my finger on it.

Now I know - they remind me of empty souless furies.

former law student said...

In my experience, only pregnancy makes a belly protrude that much in proportion to the hips/butt.

Synova said...

I just wish it was only *current* pregnancy that did that.

bridgecross said...

formerlawstudent: talk about being on the money; she IS pregnant!