March 27, 2008

Want to not talk about the presidential campaign today?

Or tomorrow?

Or maybe for, like, a week?

I know Lent is over, but... aren't you kind of in the mood to give this up? Or will we immediately get out of the mood when the next juicy tidbit is thrown our way?


AllenS said...

How about a week devoted to breasts? Also, I have a request: your next photo of yourself, could you stand farther from the camera, so we could get a look at you and the twins?

Beldar said...

I get burned out blogging on particular topics, too. But I hope if you have more to relate regarding your son's experiences as a delegate from the Texas Democratic caucuses, you'd make an exception to pass that information along. That's not just blogworthy, but also newsworthy.

Trooper York said...

Well as the last nights results show, America is just not ready to vote for a black man. If Cha-cheese-ie can't beat out a stuttering midget and a bland cow girl then what chance does Barry have?

Ann Althouse said...

With only 2 black contestants in the top 10, America voted all 8 of the white contestants ahead of them. What's going on there?

Pastafarian said...

I don't watch the show -- were the two black contestants voted off not as good as the remaining contestants?

If they were all roughly equal, do you think that this was some sort of misplaced backlash against the Wright stuff?

Trooper York said...

The reason is they didn't keep a black diva belter who could really sell it with emotion and class.
They also skewed old this year. With foriegners who grew up overseas. Maybe they are running out of talent in the pool since several of these people have auditioned several times. (By the way I am talking about American Idol and not the election).

MadisonMan said...

I was surprised Syesha was bottom 3 because it was her best performance, even though it might not have been as good as that chick from Season 1 who did the same song, says Chris. (I wonder how familiar the contestants are with the songs past contestants have done). And I would not call Ramiele white! (I'd prefer to call her gone)

Anyway, did Chikezie offer anything we didn't get better from Reuben?

Ann Althouse said...

Sorry, nonblack. You're right about Ramiele. She's Filipino-American.

Anyway, not only was Chikezie a lesser Ruben, Syesha sang a song that Tamyra did way better. (Videos linked in comments to the AI post from yesterday.)

former law student said...

I'm not recommending it, but someone in another forum I participate in brought up this sordid college town tale of incest and mother-daughter voyeurism. It's about as far from politics as I can imagine:

Trooper York said...

Dude I am impressed. I love the implications sitting there like a turd in the punch bowl. Good show!

AlphaLiberal said...

How about we start a pool on when John McCain releases his tax returns? Obama has released his and Clinton has finally scheduled the release of hers.

But McCain hasn't and the McCain-adoring news media won't raise the question.

Middle Class Guy said...

No campaign until a real juicy tid bit comes out. On the level of Barack or Mccain banging whores or Hillary being involved in a notorious, scandalous or torrid affair- gender irrelevant; pics if possible. Maybe Chelsea or Meghan on a drunken binge. Or maybe pictures of Bill on the internet leaving some famous and notorious brothel.

Kirby Olson said...

Talk about Tibet!

George said...


Letter in the NYT last week said you could get 3 years in jail in Tibet for daring to tell Tibetan folk tales.



Anyway, this is a bit off topic, but check this out...

A video recording of a meeting between Saddam and Yasser Arafat on April 19, 1990, showed Saddam threatening to assassinate then president George Bush. "We may not be able to reach Washington, but we could send someone with an explosives belt to Washington," Saddam told Arafat, three months before the invasion of Kuwait.

"We can send people to Washington. A man with an explosives belt could throw himself on Bush's car."

Haaretz, 3/26

Tim said...

If the dopey Dems in Congress enact a "Fairness Doctrine," you'll have to post pictures of cats, just to provide balance for the pictures of the dogs.

"Equal time" and all that.

M. Simon said...


I blog on a few sites some relatively high traffic. Some not so high.

I've found over the years that I have taken a "typical" reporter's attitude. Look for juicy stories. If it bleeds (at least metaphorically if not really) it leads.

I do the occasional science bit just for a change of pace.

M. Simon said...

I just spent ten minutes looking for the incest story. Here is the proper link.


and what is with people who refuse to learn elementary html. It is not rocket science.

Here is how you make permalinks:

<a href="url">text to display</a>

replace url with:
leave the quote marks

replace text to display
Power and Control

Power and Control

If you keep a cheat sheet (text file) up of your most commonly used forms (probably around 10 to 20) it is really easy.

Revenant said...

How about we start a pool on when John McCain releases his tax returns?

Ok. I'll put $5 on April 15th. :)

Kirby Olson said...

George, I'm very interested to hear your tidbit about Tibet. Many people assume that communist China is in all reality just another capitalist country. But what they're doing to Tibetan culture is the usual Marxist extermination of difference.

What a horrific mess: China even practices organ harvesting. They routinely take organs out of political prisoners to give to party members. It's the worst kind of psychotic parasitism. Even the Soviet Union under Stalin wasn't quite this bad.

Of our top three candidates, I can't imagine any one of them getting involved on the side of Tibet.

It's something that we'll have to do individually, by each person individually deciding not to buy anything that has been made in China. And there's not that much that wasn't made in China. In a Wal-mart -- almost everything was made in China by the equivalent of slave labor.

But I doubt if any of our candidates would care enough to do anything. We will have to do it ourselves, one by one.

Hoosier Daddy said...

It's something that we'll have to do individually, by each person individually deciding not to buy anything that has been made in China. And there's not that much that wasn't made in China. In a Wal-mart -- almost everything was made in China by the equivalent of slave labor.

That actually brings up an interesting issue. It wasn't that long ago I was hearing so much about how the Cuban embargo was so stupid and if we just opened up trade with Cuba, they'd see the fruits of a free society and things would be rosy.

Well we've been trading gangabusters with China and in additiona to buying our Treasuries up, cranking out more carbon emmitting, very eco-unfriendly coal plants not a whole lot has changed on the humanitarian front. It's still a police state, they still torture dissidents and they still repress an occupied ethnic peoples.

So in other words, if you trade with a dictatorship you just end up with a wealthier dictatorship.

Kirby Olson said...

Good points, Hoosier.

Revenant said...

We've known for years that the "if you just trade with Cuba everything will be rosy" story was nonsense. The reason being, pretty much everyone ELSE in the world ALREADY trades with Cuba and has for years.

blake said...

Yeah...but...FREE HEALTH CARE!!

rcocean said...

Thats why all the "Cuba is poor because of the Embargo" is BS. Cuba trades with the whole world. They don't need the USA. They're poor because of Castro's dictatorship.

But they can all read.

And BTW, you can sell AG products to Cuba but Cuban have to Pay for it. NO credit. Thats why USA AG Business wants the embargo lifted, so Cuba can buy USA AG products ON CREDIT.

titusdance10looks3 said...

I am over the election.

I don't care about any more gotchas. I am bored with it.

Lets talk about tits or Madonna or something like that.


Hoosier Daddy said...

Lets talk about tits or Madonna or something like that.


Titus, jump over to the next thread on light bulbs. There was a question on how much engery can be hidden into a black hole and I figured you could provide some valuable insight.

titusdance10looks3 said...

How thoughtful of you think of me Hoosier Daddy.

I fear venturing over there though. When I see anything over 100 comments on a post I assume it is a bunch of back and forth people telling each other to eat them and that they are commies. Sorry, not my cup of tea.

I don't like much drama in my life and when I actually read some of that stuff it makes me feel bad-seriously.

That's why I like to talk about happy things like tits and hogs and dogs and logs.

blogging cockroach said...

juicy tidbits
i love juicy tidbits
im a cockroach

but really
there havent been any juicy tidbits worth a damn lately
easter was a bust
mom was in manic neat mode
so there was nothing i mean nothing
on the floor
im reduced to eating cheerios crumbs
that tommy drops under his chair
tommy is the boy whose computer i use
--i always have to set that up so people will know
how i have internet access etc--
you know i used to think i s p
meant insect service provider
just proves you can be really insignificant
and still have a big ego

were lucky none of the candidates are like that
they are very significant people with significant egos
but obama sometimes does a pretty good job
keeping his tucked away out of sight
i think he used to stash it under a church pew
which worked in chicago for a while
so he could seem like both a nice guy
and an angry guy
depending on who wanted nice
or who wanted angry
oh well you know what e e cummings said
a politician is an arse upon which everyone
has sat except a man

e e cummings was into cruel neutrality too

but back to insignificant...
i see meghan mccain has a web site
and is all over the place
playing the slightly dumb ditzy daughter
with whom all the slightly dumb ditzy young women
who vote republican can identify
but she has an entourage of two nice looking 30ish women
who shoot videos and take pictures of her
and they all stay in the same hotel room
you can see a juicy tidbit
being manufactured before your eyes

this may be a really clever juicy tidbit
i mean half of mccains core constituency
of old farts
are already starting to touch themselves
at the thought of cheerful slightly zaftig
meghan mccain and her friends
behind closed doors

im going to start a business
--fresh juicy tidbits made while u wait--

perfect thing for an insect

Hoosier Daddy said...

How thoughtful of you think of me Hoosier Daddy.

I'm looking out for you kiddo.

Hey I'm heading up to the northern hinterlands of Indiana next week to get a jump start on the spring salmon run so I'll zip by Michigan City and see if they still have any good gay bars left and give you an update in case you find yourself wandering through that part of the state (though lord knows why you would).

Middle Class Guy said...

The only reason to lift the embargo on Cuba is the cigars. They really have nothing else to sell to us. But those cigars...

reader_iam said...
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reader_iam said...

I know Lent is over, but... aren't you kind of in the mood to give this up?

Now that you've brought it up: yes, actually.

Given that I shorted Lent by a few days, I owe. Perhaps I should double the short, to start with; expiation for me, and blessed relief for the elsewise and otherwise. Win, win!--right? What a deal.