March 5, 2008

"She hopes that the Americans will have enough distance to understand, but her career is not just American. She can make films everywhere."

Incredibly lame attempt at spin on behalf of Marion Cotillard, whose Oscar win was immediately overshadowed by reports that she has expressed a belief in the 9/11 conspiracy theories.


Joe said...

A title without a post! What is this blog coming to?

Cruel neutrality indeed. So neutral we don't know who the cruelty is directed toward!

Joe said...

Ah, there it is.

rhhardin said...

I don't know. It's an intuition for her, given the bad people in charge, that they probably are trying to fool her.

The claim is that intuition is more reliable than evidence.

If the evidence is really good, it will eventually affect intuition. What's the hurry. Don't rush into things that feel wrong.

Perhaps it's from experience dealing with agents, or maybe men.

Simon said...

"She hopes that the Americans will have enough distance to understand, but her career is not just American. She can make films everywhere." Indeed. Well, I hope she will have enough distance to understand that our movie choices are not just Marion Cotillard movies. We can see generic French actresses anywhere.

John Burgess said...

She's French. She suffers from the heritable French disease (not that one) of breathtaking hubris. And Brigit Bardo believes puppies and seals have more moral worth than humans. Nothing much new here except the vehicle through which flakiness is made manifest.

Original Mike said...

I bet the majority of celebs are Truthers.

Simon said...

John, true, but the disease usually comes accompanied (and thus offset) by breathtaking looks (Anne Parillaud, Eva Green) or at least a certain je ne sais quoi charm (Jean Reno).

Roger said...

Does anyone really give a s**t what some actress thinks about conspiracy theories? She's an idiot.

Palladian said...

Wasn't trooferism invented in France? I recall that not long after September 11, 2001 a French person published a troofer book about the attack on the Pentagon.

Glenn Kenny said...

I agree with Roger, except for the implied sexism of "some actress." Agreement on the point notwithstanding, I strongly doubt that "most celebrities are truthers." But it's unsurprising, statistically speaking, that one Oscar winner this year is. Her being attractive and French just muddies the issue—idiots come in every size, shape and nationality.

Hoosier Daddy said...

She isn't saying anything that probably half of Hollywood doesn't already believe.

As for making films anywhere, knock yourself out sweetheart. Considering the lackluster viewing of the Oscars over the past years, I doubt anyone here in the US will really give a shit.

SteveR said...

Never heard of her (or seen any of her movies). I have a full and satisfying life. I have enough distance to consider her as a quantum of dark energy on the other side of the universe. But I exagerate.

Chip Ahoy said...

This American doesn't give a flying fig about her movie, her American awards , her career, her country, doesn't even know what she looks like, sounds like, thinks of, desires, and certainly not her opinion. How's that for distance? Comprenez vous, ma petite fleur ?

ricpic said...

Non, je ne regrette rien. Tant pis pour la verite.

Kirby Olson said...

Truther books sell 100s of thousands of copies in France. It's a dumb country with mental hygiene issues. Also, dental hygiene issues.

The Drill SGT said...

The truth, using a bit of sexist language which could be applied as well to male actors:
She's a pretty face, but I'd rather see her than hear her.

Now that I know her politics however, I'm less likely to watch her. There's a lesson in that for amateurs on a given topic that think that celebrity makes their ill-conceived opinions more accurate or valuable.

If you can make films that pay as well elsewhere, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.
If you think you can do better here, apologize now and keep your mouth shut later. that's pr advice, not first amend advice however.

Pogo said...

I wonder who she thinks those "youths" are that have been rioting and burning cars and threatening women in Paris?

Youth Rampage on Train Leaves France Aghast
By Sebastian Rotella
LA Times January 5, 2006
PARIS - France confronted a new incident of youth violence Wednesday, a rampage that terrorized passengers as their train rolled west along the Riviera on New Year's Day.

The ordeal became front-page news Wednesday in a nation still on edge from riots in November in immigrant-dominated urban areas. Authorities were criticized for leaving about 600 passengers at the mercy of youths who allegedly robbed, roughed up and sexually assaulted victims for at least 25 minutes as the 10-car regional train traveled from Nice toward Marseilles.

The youths were among about 100 suspected troublemakers whom police hadrounded up in Nice and put on the train to send them home to communities around Marseilles and Avignon.

Passengers tried to barricade themselves in compartments as assailants trashed the train and threatened to kill victims who used cellphones to call for help, authorities said. After police boarded at Les Arcs-Draguignan
station, shaken passengers took refuge in a cafe, a waitress told reporters Wednesday.

"They had tears in their eyes," said Linda Gasmi in statements reported by French media. "They said women were molested. They mentioned sexual aggression. They were really traumatized."

Police identified four victims and arrested six people on suspicion of robbery, making death threats and sexual molestation.

Two suspects are 19-year-old Moroccan immigrants living in Avignon. The four others are juveniles, who were not identified, in accordance with French law.


I wonder what US-led conspiracy caused those episodes.

Pogo said...

Oh. maybe she didn't know because of this attitude:

France accused of covering up train gang attack
It was reported yesterday that more than 100 young people from deprived districts of Marseilles and Avignon had been escorted on to the train by police at Nice early on New Year's Day. The group, some of Arab or African origin and others white, had taken advantage of an offer from the French railways, the SNCF, to travel to Riviera resorts for New Year's Eve for only €1.20 (80p) return. After SNCF security officers left the train at St-Raphael, a gang of 20 terrorised passengers, stealing their wallets and phones and sexually assaulting two women. The train, bound for Marseilles and Lyon, was stopped at Les Arcs sur Argens while gendarmerie reinforcements were called. Six people were arrested.

...only ...two people appeared in court three days later, accused of robbery and sexual assault."

A conspiracy of French silence.

Roger said...

Glenn: I would not want to be accused of sexism, so let me expand my category to "not giving a s**t about what ANY celebrity thinks about 9/11 conspiracies." :)

Smilin' Jack said...

She didn't deserve the Oscar anyway--she just did a lot of overacting in freaky makeup. That whole movie sucked--they turned it into an incomprehensible hash of flashbacks and flashforwards to try to make the hackneyed great-artist-self-destructs storyline interesting.

Fen said...

Marion Cotillard, the Oscar-winning French actress, will not apologise over remarks she made ...that the towers were destroyed not as part of a terrorist plot, but because it would have been too expensive to rewire them

Go play in a no-go zone outside of Paris, swine.

ak said...

The only reason we even know about this woman is that Hollywood decided to give her an award for some movie no one saw. Now she can run around saying the twin towers were a planned demolition, or that purple monkeys from outer space are living in her basement, or that her neighbor's dog tells her what to think, or whatever, and newspapers will duly report it. And they'll preface the quotes with "Academy Award winning actress"--as if that's like a Ph.D. Thanks, Hollywood.

And I hope the French people understand that no one has cared what they think about anything since about 1800. Fashion shows and a handful of red wines don't mean you're important.

Elliott A said...

Insanity and artistic ability often go hand in hand

Revenant said...

or at least a certain je ne sais quoi charm (Jean Reno).

Minor point: Reno is a naturalized citizen of France; he didn't grow up there. He was born in Morocco to Spanish parents and moved to France in his late teens.

Anyway, realistically speaking Cotillard was never going to have a career in America, and nobody ever lost popularity in France for dissing the United States -- so this is pretty much a non-event for both sides of the Atlantic.

Nice body, though.

Blake said...

they turned it into an incomprehensible hash of flashbacks and flashforwards to try to make the hackneyed great-artist-self-destructs storyline interesting.


Tibore said...

Her next role: La Vie en Rosie.

colleenjk said...

Being a public figure, you do not want to be heard making a comment like this one. It's like when Sinead O'Connor ripped that picture of the pope. She never had a hit again and was booed off the stage numerous times--her career was over. If this becomes a large scandal, she may never work in America again. Independent French cinema doesn't compare to Hollywood honey--sorry.