March 21, 2008


Best comments thread ever?

Thanks, everybody!

I should go away more often.


john said...

That's what teacher used to say when she came back and saw all us kids sitting quietly at our desks, and before she turned around and saw all the spitballs stuck on the blackboard.

Thanks Teach!

reader_iam said...

As I posted on that other comments thread:

Best comments thread ever?

Whoa, Maggie said "one of the best."*** Don't be laying the groundwork for justifying going off into Real Life just to take care of grooming, hygiene and other personal issues (TMI!!) in dereliction of your primary function. It's not people won't notice, you know.


Standard disclaimer: Do not take my observation as indicative of a position, lest you end up with your skirt flipped up over (or pants on top of) your projecting head.

As Titus__________________________ recently has taken to saying:

Thank you.

Middle Class Guy said...

One last phililogical lesson for the day.


Middle Class Guy said...

I should go away more often.

Planning a spa day are you?

Middle Class Guy said...

OK, I lied before:

Legal Beagle Philology

Gahrie said...

Did anybody else have the pleasure of eating C-rations?

I grew up an Air Force brat overseas. I spent whole summers in the Boy Scouts eating C Rats.

I happened to be the only scout that didn't drink coffee...I made out like a bandit in the trades, trading away my coffee.

As an aside, one of the things I miss most from my childhood is mess hall SOS. I've got the consistency of the white sauce down, but I can't get the taste quite right. Does anybody know what they used to make the roux in mess halls circa 1970-1980?

Middle Class Guy said...

Since the title is roughage, thanks no doubt to Tituswhateverhisnameistoday.

This one's for you Titus...

A Jewish homosexual is in San Francisco for Yom Kippur, and hears that there
is a gay shul on Canal Street.

He walks on Canal until he sees a synagogue, and enters it. The men are on
one side and the woman are on the other.

Seeing a stranger, the shamas invites him up on the bima for an aliya.
Standing next to him is a good looking guy, so the gay Jew pinches his

Suddenly, there is silence in the synagogue, followed by murmuring.
The gay says, "What did I do? This is a gay synagogue! What did I do

The shammes screams that the gay shul is two blocks down the street,
and that the gay should get the hell out of this normal shul.

The gay walks down the street and sees a building with the sign "Gay Brethren
of Israel". He enters in glee, and sees that again the men are sitting on
one side and the women on the other. Only this time, they are holding hands
and making out with each other.

The gay takes a seat, and the shammes seeing a new face, invites him for an
aliya. The gay is on the bima, and next to him is standing a very good
looking fellow. The gay can't control himself, and pinches his toches.
Suddenly, the synagogue erupts into a mass of murmuring.

The gay says, "What did I do? What did I do? This is a gay synagogue,
what did I do wrong?"

One man gets up and says, "Yes, this is a gay synagogue! And we have very
few rules here. But one of them is that no one fools around with the

Middle Class Guy said...

Since we discussing peeps earlier, this is for former law student and Pogo:



Middle Class Guy said...

OK, this is the absolute last time today for Philology. I swear on a stack of Korans.


Middle Class Guy said...

It wasn't the roux or the bechamel sauce. It was the leftover meat they used. The corned beef gave it a ceratian flavor and the roast beef gave it another. SOS was usually made with leftover meats from the day before. That was my experience.

AllenS said...


My favorite as well. I have to admit, I liked Army food. I'm unable to make good SOS, but you can buy a good substitute: Stouffer's Creamed Chipped Beef. You'll find it in the frozen food section. Total fat 11%, Saturated fat 20%, Cholesterol 12%, Sodium 25%, Total carbohydrates 4%. I wouldn't eat it every morning, but if you're headed outside for hard work, it's a good start for the day.

Omaha1 said...

The comments on Althouses’s blog
Span topics from canned goods to hog
But I’m thrown for a loop
By descriptions of poop
And the buoyancy of Titus’ “log”.

rhhardin said...

Colbert does a job on a woman scientist.

I wonder how they get such great body language from the interviewee, what with the necessity of having to play each for the camera, probably repeatedly. Zillions of cameras and only one take?

Anyway Colbert knows where the interviewee's ego is located.

The social framework made visible.

Omaha1 said...

Tales of dogs and logs and hogs,
Or pipes (exhaust) and peeps and poopies,
Might seem weird on other blogs,
But are the norm for Althouse groupies.