March 12, 2008

Letterman skewers Spitzer — more comedy video.

The Letterman monologue and desk set. This one includes the line: "If you were his wife, wouldn't you be on the next train out of here? Just: adios, get the kid, take a hike." The end of the clip is a serious criticism of Spitzer for holding onto the office of governor for purpose of negotiating a better legal position for himself. "Do that on your own time! Go down to the Mayflower Hotel and figure that out there."

More demands for resignation. "What's he doing up there? He's in the governor's mansion. He's hanging around up there. We're paying his rent... while he's, you know, banging whores." Letterman is corrected: Spitzer is in NYC, in his own apartment. "Well, then, by all means, governor, take all the time you need." Letterman is hilarious in this clip, repeating the phrase "banging whores," and stressing the hypocrisy of running for office on the platform "If you break the law, we will kill you" and then... banging whores.

And here's the Top 10 Messages Left on Eliot Spitzer's Answer Machine. "Hi, I'm calling from the New York Post. Would you rather be known as disgraced governor perv or humiliated whore fiend."


Revenant said...

"It's Dr. Phil. Call me if you need any horseshit advice."

That's classic. :)

Rich B said...

From Don Luskin-

Update... There's one advantage of having Spitzer replaced by his legally blind lieutenant governor: the new guv can make do with less expensive hookers.

I couldn't resist.

Kirby Olson said...

Well, now he's resigned. I hope that God will have mercy on him and especially on his wife and children whose lives are now ruined.

Spitzer reminds me of Angelo in the Shakespeare play Measure for Measure.

It said in the paper this morning that he liked to have sex with the prostitutes without a condom.

Again: the poor wife. He's willing to spread diseases to his own wife.

It makes me sick because he was going to try to fix the SUNY system (very underfunded system, in which I teach, and for which he was trying to get 4 billion in funding). Now he's gone. His lieutenant governor is now governor and the Republican leader of the state senate is now Lieutenant Governor.

If Hillary wins the presidency, the Lieutenant Governor may take her Senate seat, which would mean the Republican leader of the Senate, Bruno, would then become Governor.

Spitzer hated Bruno, but may now (in an unlikely chain of events) help him to become the new governor.

What a world.

Unknown said...

His guests were Snoop Dog, a man who helped bring the word ho in the lexicon. His other guest was Martha Stewart, the prison lifestyle expert.

Anonymous said...

Geez, "professor" Olson, don't be so down about things!

There's nary a city in America that hasn't been trashed by a Democratic mayor. Any sane person would be praying for a Republican to slip into the NY mayorship.

Unknown said...

I watching them pull up to the apartment building, Silda bolted out of the SUV like she was on fire. It did not look like she is too sympathetic.

I hope she does the heroic thing. Quietly leave him. File for divorce in as private a manner as possible and get on with her own life. Oh, and though I am normally agianst this type of behavior, take the SOB for everything she can get and them some.

Unknown said...

From NYT Letters to the Editor
To the Editor:

Message to Gov. Eliot Spitzer: I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to define prostitution for my 11-year-old son. Louise Hochberg

Great Neck, N.Y., March 11, 2008

To the Editor:

Gov. Eliot Spitzer has reminded us, once again, that all moral crusades should begin in the mirror.

Malcolm MacDougall

New York, March 11, 2008

I just saw on TV that there are several Spitzer tee shirts already available. The one they showed was black with blue lettering- "I'm Client #9"

Bob said...

Dave seems rather put out with Spitzer, don't he? You think he donated to Spitzer's campaign?

The Drill SGT said...

I liked one of Letterman's from the previous night.

"Is it too early to start hitting on Silda Wall?"

titussplitleap said...

Spitzer is a pig and a hypcrite and a sad Shakespere character.

There are no words to express in terms of what he has done to his wife and family.

Yes, I am a whore, but I do it with another consenting adult, who is also a whore. I don't come home to someone else after being a whore. Also, I am always safe. I have never not been safe and would never not be safe. For him to have sex with a whore not wearing a condom is so sad and depressing.

Yes, the wife should leave him. But, I think it is very easy for someone on the outside of a marriage to tell someone in a marriage what to do.

My father had multiple affairs on my mother when he was in his thirties. They are now in their late 60's and early 70's and still together and seem to have a good marriage. They are always together and just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Somehow my mother forgave him and continued on in the marriage. Who knows why but that was her decision.

titussplitleap said...

I love the Doctor Phil comment.

Dr. Phil is so creepy.

vnjagvet said...

Kudos, Titus, for getting down to the basics on this morality play.

Going outside the marriage for sex with one's spouse's consent is not unheard of.

Unless he was abstinent at home, however, it is unlikely that his wife knew his whoring was unprotected.

Also, the machinations necessary to arrange and participate in these clandestine assignations took a lot of effort. It is hard to believe the effort did not diminish performance of his public duties.

Unknown said...

"It is hard to believe the effort did not diminish performance of his public duties."

Give his performance as New York's AG, I'm sure many of the Wall Streeters cheering his being found out were conflicted by the thought of "...maybe we should have been sending him hookers too..."

Methadras said...

I wonder if legally now his pursuit of prosecution of people he put in jail for the very same services he cavorted in could make a legal claim that he wasn't or couldn't be qualified to prosecute them from an even or ethical playing field and seek redress of their convictions while he was banging whores.

ricpic said...

Did you here any of the vomit being broadcast today, especially by Democratic party leaders, about how this is such a great tragedy? One of their own got caught. A tragedy. Not that it will change anything, since the great unwashed have never been able to make the connection between the Democrats and general all around knavery. As to the Republicans? Not much better. And neutered, in any case.
No. It'll be business as usual as soon as this glimpse into our rulers' corruption is shuttered in the next spate of breathless MSM idiocy, which will come in a flurry in order to make us forget. The children must be put to sleep so that "business" can go on as usual.