March 12, 2008

It's that wonderful time of the year again.

Borough Hall done up for St. Patrick's Day

We're getting set up here in Brooklyn. That's Borough Hall, tonight (with Brooklyn Law School in the background on the left).


ricpic said...

From poetry and poverty
To wealth and technology --
It's all downhill for Ireland.

Middle Class Guy said...

OK, OK, now let's all celebrate the Irish and go out and get drunk.

Beth said...

I'm curious; in New Orleans, both St. Patrick's Day and St. Joseph's Day are celebrated, with Irish parades and Italian parades. The Indians ("tribes" of African-Americans who dress in elaborate Native American costumes and chant) have their big meet-up of the tribes on St. Joseph's also.

Any other cities have the Irish and Italian celebrations, or is it all St. Paddy?

My officemate, who's Cuban-American, has joined the St. Patrick's marching club, so Saturday I'll be out drinking Guiness and watching him strut with his buddies. If a gal doesn't mind smooching a drunken marcher on the cheek, she'll get a cheap, green paper flower.

MadisonMan said...

..and here in Madison, today is the first morning that feels totally breath-of-fresh-air Spring like. Clear, sunny, calm, birds chirping, melting snow rushing in the gutters, puddles to jump over.

Aah, Spring.

Original Mike said...

Corned beef and cabbage! Yum, Yum.

blogging cockroach said...

as a boston--actually cambridge--cockroach let me tell you
st patricks day is huge around here
but if youre wondering about italian saints days
things just havent been the same
in the italian part of the city of boston
since it was paved it over by the big dig

mayor menino is of italian ancestry
in case you wouldnt know
he pronounces 'city' with an 'sh' sound
but i wont spell it out for you as this is a family blog
his nickname is 'mumbles'
and hes been mayor forever by default
because no one gives a cit about boston these days

anyway i always look forward to soda bread crumbs
not to mention the odd scrap of corned beef that comes my way
only problem is that mom is french
so you can imagine what she does to corned beef and cabbage
and she serves it with that french amora mustard
they didnt call it mustard gas in the great war for nothing
so culinary-wise st patricks day has its ups and downs for me

you know i was terrorized last sunday by the step dancers
they brought in at the local parish for the st paddys day bash
i mean 16 slightly beefy oirish-american lasses in clunky shoes
and weird outfits not to mention the very weird hair
and stiff postures going clompty-clomp
almost on top of little me
i was outta there

one of the priests is an irish guy from brooklyn
he says theres nothing as weird as the boston irish
but around here he mumbles that under his breath
which proves you dont have to be italian to mumble

Trooper York said...
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Beth said...

blogging cockroach,

You'd enjoy a vacation excursion during this Lenten season. During the weeks leading up to St. Joseph's Day, Sicilian families create altars to honor the saint for his intercessions on their behalf. These home altars piled high with dried fruit, homebaked breads, pastries and cookies, dried fish, pasta, beans, meats and cheeses. The altars remain on display for several days, and people, and no doubt cockroaches, come to visit and pay homage.

blogging cockroach said...

hi beth

yum that sounds much better than corned beef and cabbage
i hear new orleans is cockroach heaven too
except they are really really big down there
big as in gigantic
im not sure i could compete
its bad enough when east cambridge punk cockroaches
show up here in haavad squeah
they are a bunch of hoodlums
but at least ive read james joyce
and they havent
which does me a lot of good when theyre ripping off everything ive got

anyway the family here has several irish friends
irish as in from ireland
they all say they never heard of corned beef and cabbage
until they came to america