March 12, 2008

"I know what you want, you got what I want. I know what you need. Can you handle me?"

Sings Ashley Alexandra Dupré. You can hear her on her MySpace page. Music is her life but "This has been a very difficult time" for her. "It is complicated."


rhhardin said...

What an opportunity. I don't know if it matches $5000 a night, though.

Life is filled with choices!

The road not taken, and all that.

chuck b. said...

Wonkette points out she only has three whore diamonds.

Tim said...


But not tragic.

dmfoiemjsof said...

From the NYT: "She said she was not sure that Ms. Dupré realized who Mr. Spitzer was when he was her client."

Yeah, these aren't the brightest girls in the world.

Revenant said...

Yeah, these aren't the brightest girls in the world.

Or she just doesn't follow politics.

She's a cutie, though. I bet she'll be able to cash in on a Playboy spread.

Nels said...

Yeah, these aren't the brightest girls in the world.

She's 22 and only recently moved to New York City, over which the Governor has about as much influence as a member of the school board. I doubt most city residents even realize that Albany, and not New York City, is the state capital.

John K. said...

Her myspace page says she was in the shower singing "respect" and her live-in boyfriend AND his lead guitarist were so impressed that they both burst in and had her repeat the song. Funny!

Also funny that her recent Friends Comments is littered with apparent gangsters and other "artist" wannabes trying to soak up some of this whore's hard won publicity.

titusstagleap said...

The slut is poor and desperate.

How long is it before we see her on Larry King, Oprah, Dr. Phil and Playboy?

I predict 1 week.

Her redneck brother was already on CNN so it is only a matter of time that we see this tramp on all of the talk shows.

Who is going to play her in the movie of the week?

I say Lindsay Lohan.

Bob said...

If she's gonna cash in then she needs to be quick. The public tires of this at some point and the next scandal is just down the road...

Is she now worth more diamonds because she's notorious (a celebrity lay?) or less?

Original Mike said...

5 million profile views. I'm guessing that's a lot.