March 24, 2008

Flying over the Hudson River.

From an airplane over New York

Back to New York.


dbp said...

Looks like Tappan Zee Bridge?

ricpic said...

Up In The Air With Althouse

Semi-bicoastal, that's me,
Not quite a fly over type,
Not bicoastally sense free,
Half midwest solid, half hype.

Matthew said...

Yes that looks like that Tappan Zee Bridge to me too. I grew up in that area.

Chet said...

All this coming and going and coming and going.

Why all the moving back and forth?

Ann Althouse said...

I have 2 homes.

From Inwood said...

That seems to be the usual view when one is sitting on the Right-hand side leaving La G. Looks like from this angle that you were still over Da Bronx.

Never say never, one could come in that way on occasion, I guess, or one could be flying into Westchester Airport on a Corporate Jet. Althouse One!

peter hoh said...

I love flying over Pennsylvania. The mountains and rivers, forests and farms, towns and turnpikes make lovely viewing. The area around the Tappen Zee would be similar, I'm guessing.

Chip Ahoy said...

My telephoto and second wide angle lens came today. Included with the package were three filters that at first I dismissed as doing things the camera already does internally, but reading the little paper that comes with them, now I have doubts. It says here, in the tiniest print imaginable, that requires a magnifying glass to read, for one of the filters, "The UV filter absorbs ultra violet rays without increase of exposure, thereby preventing haziness and foggy effects in distant landscape. It creates clearness. Constant use of this filter is recommended for clearer pictures as well as a lens protector." I can't wait to try it out.

I discovered The telephoto, wide angle, and macro lenses must be attached after the camera is turned on. For some reason it goes brain dead if they're attached first.

Another unrelated technologic thing I learned today is if your cell phone's connectivity suddenly fades where it ordinarily receives a strong signal, you can restore it by turning it off for 60 seconds. When you turn it back on it'll reset to all active towers in the area. If that doesn't work, removing the battery for 60 seconds will reset the phone. Pedantry end.

rhhardin said...

I have 2 homes.

Torn between two houses, feeling like a fool
Loving the both of you is breaking all the rules.

J Lee said...

Too bad the plane didn't come in a little bit higher or a little bit further upriver -- the contrast between the Hudson at the Tappen Zee (almost three miles wide with relatively low sloping shorelines) and the Hudson at Bear Mountain Bridge 15 miles to the north (about than a quarter-mile wide with sheer cliff on both sides of the river) is a pretty striking image.

Matthew said...

J Lee I have always wondered why they put the Tappan Zee Bridge at the widest part if the river.

From Inwood said...


From memory, The Thruway Authority couldn't build the Hudson River Crossing any further south since that was the province of the Port Authority & a bridge further North (a bridge too far, shall we say) would have the thruway going through mountains to reach the place where it does go North (alongside US 17).

I think that the thruway went up the west side of the Hudson because the eastern part had the Taconic & was more developed than the West, making it more expensive to build the thruway on the east side.

Whatever, political decisions also went into the equasion.

Anyway it made for interesting Fri Nights & Sun Nights as to which way we'd go to & from the 'gunks where we had a summer place & our permanant abode in Inwood. "Hey, lets take the Palisades to the GW; no, let's take the Quickway (Rt. 17) to the Thruway; no let's take Rt 52 to Newburg & pick up the Thruway there! (Later the Newburg/Beacon Bridge to the Taconic.) Oh hell, let's wait til early Monday morn.