March 29, 2008

"European man... putting security on red alert... stripping down to tight shorts and dancing in the lobby of Wichita Airport."

What's the matter with Kansas? Don't they get HBO?


rhhardin said...

He has no respect for uniforms. That's what always worries the state.

Dogs recognize people, but not uniforms, as well, and are something of a bother to busybodies.

The importance of uniforms is always good comedic material.

Thorley Winston said...

Where's a trigger-happy air marshall when you need them?

Middle Class Guy said...

Now if he was a good looking female stripper...

Trooper York said...

Well hd did tell us he was going out of town for a while.

Skeptical said...

Disrupted an Easter play in a Kansas church? I want to be a good Christian, but I'm thinking that if he had done that in my church, I might have put out his lights.

tituswhatididforlovewhatididforlove said...


tituswhatididforlovewhatididforlove said...

Why does he always go to red states to make fun of the US?

tituswhatididforlovewhatididforlove said...

My morning loaf coiled out of my ass like a long snake this morning.

Thank you.

ricpic said...

Titus stole my thunder. Borat putting down the squares. Ho hum.

AllenS said...

The Brit funnyman. Not so much.

tituswhatididforlovewhatididforlove said...

My morning loaf was so long and nasty that it required two flushes.

Thank you.

Ann Althouse said...

"Why does he always go to red states to make fun of the US?"

If you think that is all Bruno does, you're not familar with the show.

Look at this one for example. He's funniest trapping people who think they are sophisticated.

tituswhatididforlovewhatididforlove said...

I had pasta with green peas for dindin last night and as a result there were green peas in the folds and creases of my loaf this morning.

Thank you.

tituswhatididforlovewhatididforlove said...

I'm very familar with the show Mary.

Yes, he does go off on some sophisticates and blue staters but the brunt of his attacks seem to be the south.

Gun shows, Alabama football games, rodeos.

Bruno did do some good riffs on the fashion industry though.

The scene where Bruno was with the cheerleaders at the Alabama football game was awful. The entire crowd yelling faggot at him made me cringe.

Chip Ahoy said...

I suppose Britain is way too small a place for a comic like Sasha Cohen.

Peter said...

Thirty years ago a city bluesuit would have grabbed him by the back of the neck and dragged him off, administering whacks with his nightstick as needed.
Now they put security on red alert. Progress. I have a warm feeling.

Impacted Wisdom Truth said...

Next thing you know, some guy in tighty whities, wearing a cowboy hat, and playing a guitar will be performing in Times Square.

Sir Archy said...

To Professor Althouse.

Dear Madam,

It may be a good Rule of Comick Mockery that the Object not know He is being mock'd.

I can only wonder then, if Mr. Bruno were to encounter Me, who would mock whom?

Assuring You that I would never mock Any of your Audience who were rational & well-bred, I remain,


Your humble & obt. Servant,

Sir Archy

Stephen said...

Do you have a link to Cohen mocking the Londonistan aspect of London - in London?
Better - as Cohen flies great distances for his art - where's the footage of him doing his thing in Riyadh? Or anywhere that he might get into the beheading humor. Or the stoning women to death humor.

That wouldn't be boring.

Any YouTube of the guy baiting Germans? Cohen, get it?
Y'know lots of people think African-Americans are a distintive culture ripe for a good ribbing.
Ribbing, get it?
I'll buy Cohen a ticket to Camden, NJ. He can dress up as an Hispanic and tell nagger jokes.
It's all good.

Maybe the guy really is just a snide coward.

Telecomedian said...

@stephen - Or...maybe he's just a comedian doing a bit?

SBC is one of the most popular celebrities in England, and many folks have gotten wise to his ability to disguise himself into a character. Most Americans only know him through Borat or Ali G. He still has that ability to shock here because people don't know him and aren't hip to his antics.

If somebody like Will Ferrell or Robin Williams pulled a similar stunt in Kansas, most folks would have recognized that it was for a laugh.