February 27, 2008

"Your Shoes are a much more diverting Topick than the Wretches who would be your President."

Sir Archy, our beloved ghost commenter, has favored us with another visit to this Theatre of Topicks as he calls it.


Simon said...

Sure: shoeblogging has been an irregular but popular Althouse blog occurrence!

JohnAnnArbor said...

Again, we really need to bring the Manolo in on this topic(k).

I've read enough documents from that era to marvel at Sir Archy's command of the cadence, spelling, capitalization, emphasis...he's got a real feel for the writing style of the time.

Middle Class Guy said...

The next blog topic- the history of women's underwear.


rhhardin said...

I'm a sucker for university press catalogs

Uplift : The Bra in America

Gee, it's online.

john said...

johnannarbor -

The explanation for his cadence is rather easy, coming from such pure stock and superior training. All these years that Archy has been out to pasture, so to speak, have been good to him.