February 9, 2008

What's the matter with Kansas?

Get with the program, people!


George said...

McCain has a "legendary background" says Hillary in the penultimate graf.


Heavy word.

Middle Class Guy said...

Kansas is a "bible" state. Huck is a preacher. He did not "major in math". He "majored in miracles".

In the mean time, Clinton has abandoned her claims of experience and campaign of change. Now it is who can win. "Because we're picking a nominee we expect to win."

She can't.

michael farris said...

I never lived in Kansas but over about 15 years (approx 1971-86) spent a total of a couple of weeks in various places (mostly central and west Kansas) almost every year.

I don't remember it as a bible state at all. When did that happen? And how?

titusdogs said...

Those deep red staters love themselves some Huckabee.

titusdogs said...

I swear Huckabee's wife is a drag queen.

Steven said...

Apparently, the goal is to make Huckabee the VP candidate, and accordingly drive economic conservatives entirely out of the Republican Party.

Which is interesting, because, well, maybe we actually have somewhere to go, you know? Bill Clinton wasn't great, but he wasn't all that bad. He rammed NAFTA through, right? And I'd expect about the same from a Hillary administration as a Bill. Would McCain/Huckabee really be better?

So, maybe we should leave the Republican Party now, fast enough that we can secure Hillary the Democratic nomination. Cut our losses now that the evangelicals are reverting to the deluded and dysfunctional populist school of economics.

Meade said...

Speaking of Kansas, stupid Kansas...
I know this is going to break your little heart but I figure you're going to hear about it eventually anyway and, well... it's probably better for you to learn about it from us.

rhhardin said...

The American people may be trying to deadlock the race, to say all the candidates suck.

The vote is always for the second place guy, as an expression of disgust with the first place guy.

If they can pull it off 3-way, then it's a brokered convention, bypassing the soap opera media selection process.

Maybe they'll choose Cheney. That would get my vote.

Paddy O. said...

Steven, don't blame all Evangelicals. On Christianity Today's website, for instance, there's a curious split in comments from Huckabee supporters and Ron Paul supporters.

A good many young Evangelicals I know are Obama supporters, who I've heard said would never ever vote for Hillary, and would vote for McCain but never Huckabee. McCain doesn't need Huckabee. Evangelicals will passionately vote against Hillary already.

I'd be really, really suprised if McCain picks Huckabee, even if that's what Huckabee wants. I am certain many people are telling McCain that Huckabee is a total losing choice. Brings in very little he wouldn't already have and turns away a lot of folks, myself included, who will vote for him in the Fall if he picks someone, just about anyone, else.

Plus, with Dobson and McCain at odds, McCain's pride won't let him now grovel for Dobson's vote. The Evangelical movement is very split right now and increasingly so.

somefeller said...

"I swear Huckabee's wife is a drag queen."

While this isn't my bailiwick, most drag queens I've seen at least try to look like pretty women. You know, Joan Crawford, Dolly Parton, that sort of thing. This isn't the case here.

Oh, and before I get some bunch of hypersensitive conservatives on my back for being some big mean liberal for saying that, I was drinking with a bunch of Republicans on Super Tuesday night, and they had the same response when Huckabee and family came onstage for the pep speech.

mcg said...

Apparently, the goal is to make Huckabee the VP candidate, and accordingly drive economic conservatives entirely out of the Republican Party.

I know that's the CW but I just don't get that. I mean, in order to force a compromise he'd have to prevent McCain from grabbing enough candidates. I just don't think that's gonna happen. The writing will be on the wall once a few more big states fall in line.

Oh, and this is one self-described evangelical who has never been a Huckabee fan. On my father's side of the family there are some Arkansans (?) active in state Republican politics, and they can't stand the guy.

What amazes me the most is how insistent he is on hawking the FairTax. That stinker is not going to even get out of the gate. And then what of his platform will he have left?

joe said...

The vote count was pretty low. I think McCain's people stayed home and Huck's got theirs out.

tsugambler said...

As an Iowa voter, I think my (stupid) state has to take full responsibility and blame for the situation we're now in. I did not vote for Huckabee in my caucus, but I guess most other people there did, the fools.

Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) said...

Once it became clear McCain would probably secure the nomination, a lot of us stayed home and did what conservatives usually do -- got on with our lives. In our case that meant preparing a lot of things for a very busy spring here on the farm.

It was a wonderful day, much nicer than hanging around inside somewhere yammering on about a primary contest that no longer mattered.

There's a reason Kansas Republicans haven't had a caucus in almost 30 years ...