February 26, 2008

A Soho shoe space.



Portrait by Chris:

(Here's the place.)


George M. Spencer said...

A lot of soles in that church...

former law student said...

Looks like burgers and fries under heat lamps at the pickup window.

JackDRipper said...

Do you tell the people in the photos that you are going to post their image on the internet?

I wonder about the morality of it.

Larry David unwittingly helped a guy get off a murder charge by allowing the defense attorney to search through footage of a "Curb Your Enthusiasm" episode filmed at Dodger stadium. The suspect claimed as an alibi that he was at the game which the background footage proved.

Who knows what innocent person will be saved by an Althouse photo of her in a cafe or shoe store.

Or maybe a married guy who is supposed to be at work will be caught in a photo with some young hussy.

All the fear mongering about government surveillance is trivial compared to just regular folk armed to the teeth with recording technology.

MadisonMan said...

The heating bill at that place must be really high.

What a waste of energy -- just so shoes can be warm.

Hoosier Daddy said...

I know this question is probably equivalent of breaking the seventh seal but what the hell is it with women and shoes anyway?

rhhardin said...

It's the Imelda Marcos shoe museum.

Bissage said...

If you whap one of those things with the heel of a shoe, does it sound like one of these?

former law student said...

what the hell is it with women and shoes anyway?

It's like guys and power tools -- different ones for different applications. But, if you ever want to distract a bunch of women, use two women stooges, and have one say to the other, "Wow, what cute shoes." The head of every woman within earshot will swivel to take a look.

Original Mike said...

But FLS, power tools actually do something.

Anonymous said...

Get out of there before someone lights those rocket motors!

Hoosier Daddy said...

But FLS, power tools actually do something.

He shoots, he scores.

Yep FLS bad analogy. I'm betting she can't hang drywall with a pair of cute 2 inch heels.

Original Mike said...

I'm betting she can't hang drywall with a pair of cute 2 inch heels.

But then again, she might get me to do it for her. Hmmm.

Trooper York said...

No, but she can beat your ass to a pulp with one, so keep your piehole shut dude if you know what is good for you. I thought you were married? Jeeez.

ricpic said...

A nice pair of high heels would've done wonders for that hominid lady.

Hoosier Daddy said...

No, but she can beat your ass to a pulp with one, so keep your piehole shut dude if you know what is good for you.

Nah she's like the anti-woman. Not into jewlery, shoes or that other dumb stuff. A nice steak dinner, draw her a hot bath and I'm gold in her eyes.

My buddies simply hate me when I bring that up. It's almost like having a rare bottle of Scotch rather than a wife.

Trooper York said...

Lucky man. I use foot rubs and full body massage to stay on the good side. Cooking a good meal with the appropriate wines also helps. But humility in all things my friend, humility in all things.

Unknown said...

JackDRipper said...
Or maybe a married guy who is supposed to be at work will be caught in a photo with some young hussy.

Or, maybe a married guy who is supposed to be at work will be caught in a photo buying a pair of heels to go with his little red dress.

Unknown said...

use two women stooges?

You left out "as". You could get into a lot of trouble like that around here. Just sayin, ya know?

Hoosier Daddy said...

I use foot rubs and full body massage to stay on the good side.

I used to do that and she would just fall asleep on me. When I complained she just hrrumphed and said "Now you know how it feels. Now lower to the left and fetch my wine."

Low maintenance has its downsides

Trooper York said...

Grusinskaya: Oh I am so angry. The battle with that pale faced strumpet has me all out of sorts. Come young Werther, fan me with my ostrich feather.
Young Werther: Mother you must leave the hotel. The scratchs on your face and the hair that you have lost is not even noticeable. Come journey with me to the center of the city. We will walk the boulevard and go to a café. Perhaps we can even shop. I can promise you, shoes.
Grusinskaya: Shoes, well that is a whole different matter. You know how much I love shoes. Bring your camera, perhaps we will run into some dogs urinating. Or if we are very lucky, a carriage horse!
Young Werther: Do not worry Ma Ma. I have my instamatic in my jaunty little man purse. We will have artistic snapshots coming out of our Wazhoo.
Grusinskaya: Wazhoo?
(Grand Hotel, 1932)

Unknown said...



chuck b. said...

I like to look at Camper shoes, but I never see anything there I like for me.

knox said...

Camper shoes are fun, though some of their looks are too "Star Trek," and some are way too arts-n-crafts-y.

titusokkkkkkkkkkkk said...

camper shoes were fine in the early 2000's but now are completely out. Get with it girl.

Now let's get back to you blogging for someone else and not being her to quench our thirst.

I think a payback from you is needed to your loyal readers.

I was thinking of three potential things you could do redeem yourself. 1) a quick flash of both tits; 2) a longer, slower, more sizzling exposure of just one tit-your choice whic one or 3)jumping up and down on camera while not wearing a bra.

Smilin' Jack said...

Not many shoes for such a large room. Inefficient use of space must be how they proclaim their status--the Manhattan version of conspicuous consumption.

titusokkkkkkkkkkkk said...

I did a guy from Italy in 2001 who had the same campers I did.

How ironic was that?

He had his on the night I met him and took him back to my house and showed him I had the same pair.

We laughed and then I did him.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

What a depressing shoe store. Unattractive display and it seems so empty and uninviting.

Palladian said...

Ingo Maurer.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

To add to the shoe comments from the female perspective. I love the new shoes that are out the last couple of years. Previously it seemed that women's shoes looked like Olga the Concentration Camp matron should be wearing them. Or the toes were so pointy that the Wicked Witch of the East would have been embarrassed to wear them. Now they are glamorous and retro looking. Sexy.
Except for the shoes in that shop it seems.

Now if we could only do something about the butt ugly dresses in the stores this season.

I notice that they only have one shoe on display, to prevent people from walking off with the merchandise...literally.

JohnAnnArbor said...

We need the Manolo's opinion on this method of displaying shoes.

KCFleming said...

foot rubs and full body massage

That only works on my boss.

ba dum bum

titusokkkkkkkkkkkk said...


Bissage said...

Palladian takes it to a higher plane while TitusXXX takes it to the bottom.

No surprise there.

Funny, though, how someone’s run out of ideas . . . as if he were Maxine.

Love, Bissage.

titusfromwis said...

"titusokkkkkkkkkkkk said...

OK-that was not me. Someone tried to use my login and make fun of me. How rude.

As a result I changed my logon.

I would never write something so jiberish.
I think it was Palladian.

titusfromwis said...

I am not Maxine Bisage-sorry to disappoint.

Trooper York said...

Grusinskaya: Oh I am just so fatigued my son. Normally I would rush home to watch the Salzburg Music Festival where they have competitive singing in an elimination contest. I would often offer my comments to my many admirers who marveled at my witty retorts. But it seems so trivial now. Not like the glory days of the Von Trapp family or even that delicious Clay Aiken.
Young Werther: Delicious indeed.
Grusinskaya: And they are using that dreadful Paula Abdul as a judge this year along with a black Herman Goring impersonator and a fey Englishman who insists on wearing tight T-shirts with his nipples protruding. They can not judge singing at all.
Young Werther: Very pitchy.
Grusinskaya: How dare you call your Ma Ma a bitch (She slaps young Werther across the face with a ballet slipper)
Young Werther: Pitchy Ma Ma, pitchy not bitchy.
Grusinskaya: I am sorry my son. I am out of sorts. I hate to admit it, but I think I miss the Baron.
(Grand Hotel, 1932)

titusfromwis said...

also camper shoes are generally catered to a younger clientiele as evidenced by the shoppers surrounding you.

Ann Althouse said...

Au contraire! Campers are perfect old lady shoes!

Tituscoxy said...

You got to admit the woman in New York are beautiful.

You fit right in!

You know that don't you? I bet that makes you feel a little special doesn't it?