February 29, 2008

My makeshift radio studio.

Doing that radio show today, I had to use a wired land-line phone. That forced me to do the call in the kitchen, so here's how I set up in there:

Set up to do a radio show in my Brooklyn kitchen


MadisonMan said...

No wonder the host told you to speak up!

Revenant said...

I like the cabinets, but the green countertop doesn't fit in.

Simon said...

There's virtually no countertop! I'd go mad - where do you cook?

Trooper York said...

I would lose my mind in a kitchen that small. Where would I make the meatballs? How could I roll out the dough for the fresh ravoli? How could I prepare the fresh fruit tart and the pears glazed in amaretto? Where would we put the fresh spices, basil and oregano?
Jeeez, that sucks.

Ann Althouse said...

I've had smaller NY kitchens, and we -- 2 adults -- cooked there all the time. We did our best cooking before we got a bigger kitchen. You can spread out onto the dining table if necessary.

And check out the view of Manhattan from that kitchen window!

Trooper York said...

My wife's old apartment had a kitchen like that. I am used to the kitchens in the brownstones in Carroll Gardens which usually are pretty big, at least in the garden apartments. But the small ones are tough to cook in.

My view isn't that good either. It's usually Nunzio from across the yard taking the sun in his speedo. See the thread down the blog about hair, and you will know what I mean. Think the monkey people only with a gold chain with a horn on it.

cooldoctor1 said...

Hi Ann: I like your kitchen, but an wagering that you had a more genersou (and less costly) culinary space when you were in Madison. As a recent reader of your blog, I find it hard to know about you--although the hidden story of Ann is in these many blogs and vlogs, it would appear to the casual peruser that you have a son (featured in the cafe pictures), moved from trendy and cool, Money magazine top residential area Madison to NYC some 1.5-2 years ago, and enjoy your professorial endeavors. Will Ann, whos heart remains in Madison based on your nostaligic trubutes each time you visit, move back? Is NYC a short term side trip for shoe buying and kitchen radio broadcasts and trips to teh Apple store for the Air? The Kindle owning public wants to know. Cheerio, Ann/ Steve CD1

Ann Althouse said...

I currently go back and forth between Madison and New York, but I'll be back in Madison when the semester ends. This is a planned 2-semester visiting professorship with 2 months to go. As for sons, I have 2. As for kitchens, yes, of course, my Madison kitchen is much bigger, but kitchen size doesn't matter much to me. Layout is most important. And view.

blogging cockroach said...

did someone say meatballs...

i luv meatballs
it looks like that stove has just enough room on the left side
for one to drop on the floor yum
when that happens at my house its like manna from heaven
only with better sauce
being under that sink looks sooo inviting too
i bet its warm and humid under there
which we could sure use about now being 15 degrees and all

trooper--all that food all sounds yummy
you must be a great cook
please dont bother to clean up
ill be right over

Eli Blake said...

The snarky Liberal Observer:

Hey, where are the jars of baking staples labeled, 'salt,' 'sugar,' 'flour,' and 'oxycontin'?

Oh, wait. That's that other radio guy.

Palladian said...

Love your kitchen, even if it's a bit spare. Here's mine. Need more cabinet space!

ricpic said...

Narrow kitchen painted white
But oh so warm and cozy,
With globes and pots and pans and such
And wines both red and rosy.

Ann Althouse said...

I love Palladian's kitchen.

Middle Class Guy said...

Ann Althouse...
You can spread out onto the dining table if necessary.

Wife number one and I had one of those small kitchens. Everytime we spread out onto the dining room table a mess was made and not a lot of cooking got done; if ya know what I mean.