February 23, 2008

It's a little dreary today.

Looking out:

Foggy view from Brooklyn Heights

Looking down:


"Stop." Okay. I'll stop.


Dogwood said...

What are the long buildings in the center of the first pic?

Trooper York said...

That is the pier on the brooklyn waterfront where stuff was warehoused after it was unloaded from the ships by the longshoreman of the ILA. Those pier's held mainly non-foodstuffs as the vegtable and meat piers were further down the river towards Red Hook. Now they are storage facilities for some government agency, nothing supersecret, more like the parks dept or something like that. But that dismal scene is what the Brooklyn waterfront has become, which is why Nanny Bloomberg and that creep David Walentas want to turn it into a yuppie playground and parkland.

rhhardin said...

What are the long buildings in the center of the first pic?

Those are egg farms, supplying most of lower Manhattan.

Roger said...


That view still give me chills, six and a half years post-9/11. My sister lived not far from you, on Hicks Street (she now lives in Colorado), and my dad lives in Gateway Plaza, a block from Ground Zero.

rhhardin said...

Ohio just minutes ago
side yard
front yard
back yard (rare white-nosed Doberman)
Ohio polar birds

Dogwood said...

Are those Ohio polar birds being endangered by global warming? Or are they a fairly adaptable species?

Loved the egg farms comment, by the way, too funny!

rhhardin said...

I wonder what squatting down in front of that pavement STOP inscription with the fisheye would do.

It's lengthened so that it looks normal when viewed at a steep angle. A fisheye at the same angle, and close, ought to lengthen it again somehow.

Watch for cars. Madam I'm macadam.

Middle Class Guy said...

"Stop." Okay. I'll stop.

Stop. Please stop. Don't jump. it is notworth it. Suicide is not the answer.

I was suicidal a while back. I called the suicide hot line in my city. It had been outsourced to Pakistan. The gentemen, Mr. Patel, on the phone asked me what my problem was. I told him I could not bear to live anymore and wanted to kill myself. He asked me if I knew how to drive a truck.

Original Mike said...

Oh, you'll stop allright. I'm a physicist. We know these things.

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Hey, I love that Stop picture.