February 1, 2008

"I was tempted to call this encounter a draw but...."

So there was this debate last night. I'm not sure if I watched it or not... But... are we supposed to talk about it now?

I assume the memo went out: We need to stop fighting before they stop fighting. We need to look good before they start looking good. They're about to coalesce, so coalesce already. It's happy friendly time.

But Andrew Sullivan wasn't bored. Whatever happened — even if nothing happened — you know it had to make Barack Obama look great!
The one-on-one format elevated him instantly and he commanded the stage and the occasion...
To the extent that Hillary Clinton did just fine too, it only "made his mastery all the more impressive."


garage mahal said...


I love the Bring The Country Together Heal Our Wounds Unity Theme. And to achieve this I will carve 100 posts per day with my rusty bloody knife into her back. Because, if Hillary gets elected, well, she would be decisive!

Let the Eagles Soar!

JackDRipper said...

Andrew Sullivan - "The one-on-one format he commanded the stage and the occasion... made his mastery all the more impressive."

Sounds like Andy wishes Obama would bend him over his desk. Or maybe it was the lavender tie.

XWL said...

The one on one format allowed both Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton to fully pursue their inner panderer and policy wonk.

At the end of the GOP debate on Wednesday Anderson Cooper quipped that they would be welcome at the Dem debate on Thursday.

That would have been awesome if Romney and McCain had taken him up on that offer (or if that offer was sincere).

The end of this month, there's another night of back to back debates CNN is hosting, they ought to strongly suggest to both sides to go ahead and make it a 4 way debate between McCain, Clinton, Romney and Obama.

They would all do better if they could have something to oppose, rather than pretending to have more differences than they do (like between Romney and McCain on Wednesday), or pretending that they are bestest friends in the whole wide world (like Obama and Clinton did yesterday), real differences, and real distinctions could be drawn between all the candidates.

Just have to convince CNN they'll quadruple their ratings, and convince the candidates that this would be the best way to convince voters they are the best candidate to take on the other side, and then maybe we'll have a debate that isn't a snoozefest.

walter neff said...

That a great idea. More debates. Maybe they can prempt the Super Bowl.

Roger said...

Does anyone know how many debates have been held to date? They seem to be on twice a week.

hrishi said...

I think Obama edged it. I watched the entire debate on youtube.