February 21, 2008

"I hope you die in an organza accident, you preening little cockatoo."

I love this dramatization of last night's episode of "Project Runway."

I haven't been blogging episodes of the show this season, but this has been a great season, with excellent work and incredibly amusing characters, especially the adorable — and fierce — Christian Siriano.


chuck b. said...

I recently started watching the show on DVD and it is FANTASTIC. When I have some time, I'm going to read all your PR posts.

Just recently watched third disk of season three (where they decided to send all four finalists to Olympus Fashion Week), and I'm quite on the edge of my seat to find out what happens. But I don't read spoilers, so no problem-o.

It made me quite ill when they brought back Angela AND that other nervous dude who cashed in his 401k for fashion. I hate it when they bring back the people I hate. It's like, closure, denied. "It's life!" It's reality TV!

I have a sick crush on the dude with the tattooed neck. (Hot!) He made my "in-laws" nervous. So L.A. I love it.

I'm especially curious to see what you wrote about Angela's mom. Maybe I'll just search your blog for "angela's mom".

Season three is the best so far. Season one was slightly better than season two.

I regret waiting so long to watch the show, but it's nice to have it all laid out before me on DVD without commercials or delay.

Ron said...

If Hillary had said "preening little cockatoo" tonight, she'd get the swing vote from Obama-doubters....

tituslalala said...

dont tell anymore

i am watching now

i want to do the jew rahmi

tituslalala said...

thisshow is so gay

gays really are taking over the world

Pogo said...

gays really are taking over the world
Talk about a Ponzi scheme.

Victorya desperately needed an enema.

"Polly Syllabacus" was a great answer, but it left the cast as confused as when Gunn once used the word "verklempt".

Carmen no happy. Big hate. Laser beam eyes. Die Heidi Die!!

Ricky no happy. Big tears, many many many times. Flow, flow, flow. So where you from? Waaaaaaah, like Lucy Ricardo.
But. Must. Not. Cry. This. Time.

Rich said...

Christian isn't "adorable". He's a stuck-up, arrogant prick. It was a travesty he won fan favorite. Probably because hordes of his Facebook/MySpace sycophants were willing to text their little thumbs off.

knoxwhirled said...

Agree on Christian. He way overdid it, and not in a good way... seemed to be struggling just to get attention from the camera. Sweet Pea was my favorite but older women never seem to get their due on that show. Speaking of which, looking back, it's so clear Laura Bennett should have won season 3. Oh well.

Chip Ahoy said...

Caught a portion of that last night. After winning the $10,000 giant check and being shown the numerous instances of his using the word "fierce" to describe everything, even being picked up osmotically by Tim, Christian vowed to never use the word again. Cute.

At the art supply store I asked for a good pair of scissors (without orange handles), the goth salesclerk handed me a large pair and remarked, "These are fierce!" Turns out, they aren't. Hate the scissors, love the word. That was before Christian.

Hair. "This is the fun side, this is the business side, this (circles face) is the money maker. *grin* Priceless.