February 18, 2008

Get up! Go out!


It's not so bad. If you've got nowhere to go.



Unknown said...

18 degrees at 7:45 a.m. not so bad?

A matter of opinion, I suppose, if you rule out insanity.

Bissage said...

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so
delightful, . . .

MadisonMan said...

It was a beautiful walk in to work this morning. Snow falling, everything pristine and white, and compared to last week, relatively warm.

Wouldn't want to be driving though.

rhhardin said...

Central Ohio hasn't had a decent snow for a few years.

I'll have to wait for that experience of surprised Doberman disappearing completely into the snow a bit longer.

Snow still comes all the way up to here on dogs, that former kids can only dimly remember.

Ron said...

I admit even my Panzers would fall just shy of the Kremlin with all that snow...

titusisgay said...

Can we get a vlog of you "playing" in the snow wearing a hot snowmobile suit?

titusisgay said...

I am picturing the vlog where you are rolling around making "angels", laughing, eating snow seductively, rubbing it in your hair and perhaps getting a little excited. Think about it. I would be fantastic.

I will choregraph if you like.

Thanks Doll

Tibore said...

"It's not so bad. If you've got nowhere to go."

"Not so bad" is a bit of a relative term, you know. Sure, that few inches at 18 degrees isn't so bad, but dang it, it's bad enough!

One reason I can't imagine living in the upper Great Lakes state areas, like Chicago, or anywhere in Wisconsin or Minnesota: The winters.

Christy said...

Unfortunate. All that lovely snow and no slopes.

Beth said...

Yesterday was a sandals, shorts and t-shirt day here in NOLA. Some of your weather pushed through overnight and I'll have to wear long sleeves and bring a jacket with me to work.

Madisonman's post of 7:59 makes me wish I were up north. I love the snow.

But I won't complain about irises blooming, the smell of sweet olive, and a light February breeze on my skin while I walk the dogs at sunset, either.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

I love occasional days like these. Snow Day!! a wonderful excuse to stay inside, bake something in the oven, make a pot of chili or soup. Lazy day to read a book or finish crafting project that has been languishing on a shelf. Organize something in the house. Read seed catalogues and order for spring.

NAP without guilt!!!!!

Without a winter, spring just isn't as glorious or miraculous.

My husband on the other-hand...isn't so thrilled since he works outside much of the time for his job. Slows down his work and makes him miserable. Of course there IS the chili and cornbread to look forward to.

Tibore said...

Re: Beth's post.

(Grumble, grumble) other people's better weather... (grumble), I live in the midwest... (moan, whine) bleepin' cold... (grumble)... wanna live in Southern Cal... (mumble, glare) winter, go 'way!... (mutter, walkaway)...

Trooper York said...

Nanook: It is very cold, the ice has formed on all the world outside. We must remain within the igloo.
Herself(Nanook's wife the smiling one) Well then you know what time it is my husband?
Nanook: No, what is the hour?
Herself: It is the Hour of Nanook.
Nanook: Indeed it is the time for nanookie.
(Nanook of the North, 1922)

ricpic said...

Mounded, black below,
Heavy under weight of snow,
Boughs to the ground go.

I, Nanook, was an Eskimo
Who intuitively knew it
That my wife was in to it.
Ergo: Inuit.

ricpic said...

Not in to, into. Arrrgh.

Trooper York said...

Mounded, white globes hang low,
Heavy under weight of ego,
Gravity to the ground go.

I, Nanook, was an Eskimo
Who longingly tasted it
Twin tepees in the know.
Ergo:heat melted snow.

kimsch said...

about two hours drive southeast of Althouse in Madison, we just got rain yesterday and a little snow today. All the previous snow is now under a layer of ice (from the rain) will last longer... It's now 19.2 degrees here with a bit of sunshine and definite breezes.

Beth said...

DBQ: any way to share that chili and cornbread with Tibore? He could use a little warm goodness.

Just to be fair, I'll be sure to mention in August how thoroughly, damply miserable I am in the 98 degree heat, 98 percent humidity, when just leaving my office and walking to my car under an unforgiving, blazingly hot sky is enough to make me nauseous. I don't walk the dogs until 9 or 10 pm, when the heat from the day has disapaited enough so that their footpads won't be burnt by the sidewalk.

I cannot spell disapate, nor any of its forms.